What Not To Do With a Wig - Tips from an Expert

What Not To Do With a Wig - Tips from an Expert

Hi, my name is Sophia and I am one of the Wig Experts at Beauty and Hair and wigs.com. Many people have asked me what exactly we do and what I like about working here. The simple answer is, we make dreams a reality.  We are in the relentless pursuit of making it easier for women to buy hair online by providing education and resources for them to make the most informed decisions.  This is not just a job, it has become my passion.  We aren’t Disney but I’d argue we are pretty close.

When I started I only knew the basics about wigs. I thought… “they alter a person's appearance and no one should ever know you are wearing one! Right?...Wrong!!” Looking back now, adjusting this thought process was the start of my journey with alternative hair. A few months into working with Beauty and Hair, my aunt was diagnosed with cancer, and shortly after I found out my good friend was battling the disease, too. Before I knew it, I had more friends telling me about their journeys and struggles with alopecia and other types of medical hair loss. Even my uber drivers began discussing their hair loss struggles with me.  I quickly realized, this is an easy industry to fall for and becoming passionate about helping women with hair loss became second nature. Going through all this in a short amount of time, helped me look at wearing alternative hair in a very different light. The more I talked about my hair, the less “taboo” it became.

I couldn't help my aunt but I learned from her. Working here gives me the privilege of assisting both those going through hair loss and their friends and family holding strong right beside them. That being said, I want to share with you some tips that may make navigating alternative hair easier and some of my favorite styles. Some of my favorite styles are listed below, please keep in mind these are my top styles for a multitude of reasons. These wigs make me feel the most confident, and the fit and style are perfect!.

My top 5 styles are: 
Ellen Wille Touch
 Ellen Wille Touch (I can wear this all day and forget it is on my head)
Ellen Wille Tab
 Ellen Wille Tab (Who doesn't love a pixie, especially in the summer!)
Envy - London
 Envy London (The perfect bob does exist)
Hairdo - Party All Night
HairDo Party All Night (Amazing Style for when you’re feeling cheeky)
Ellen Wille - Catch
    Ellen Wille Catch (My all-time fav! From the cap to the fit to the style, it is PERFECTION)

    3 Things You Should Never Do With A Wig:


    1. For midday touch ups on your wavy/curly wigs, never use paddle brushes (which are only for straight wigs) or round brushes (which should only be used for human hair wigs).  Instead, only use a wide tooth comb
    2. Never sleep in your wig.  Sleeping in your wig will cause friction frizz and will wear out much faster! 
    3. Do not wash your wig everyday. Depending on your activity level, we recommend washing your wig  every 6-8 full days.
      Outside of all the things you have to learn about wearing wigs, what to do and what not to do, there is the very important emotional side of wearing wigs.  I feel compelled to share some of the greatest tips I’ve learned while wearing alternative hair.  DO NOT BE AFRAID OF WEARING ALTERNATIVE HAIR, BE CONFIDENT and HAVE FUN (NOBODY CARES THAT YOU’RE WEARING A WIG OR HAIR TOPPER). Be confident in your decision to wear hair, it doesn’t mean you’re vain, it means you probably don’t want people to focus on your lack of hair or wearing hair makes you feel more confident.
      Please remember, we are here to help!  If you need help with finding a style perfect for you, we offer complimentary Virtual Consultations with our Wig Experts.   Please reach out, we would love to hear from you!


      Hi April,

      Have you measured your head? That is an important step! We provided a link below with instructions showing you how to measure and what size you will be after you measure:


      We would recommend a virtual consultation. We know shopping online and wondering if it’s fitting can be challenging, and based on the part of the process you are on, you would be the perfect candidate for a virtual consultation. Our free premier service will help us better serve your needs! Virtual consultations allow you to do a one-on-one zoom with one of our experts. This service will enable us to show you how to measure, review styles and color options, and answer any questions you may have. If this is something you are interested in, let us know, and we will gladly set up a time to meet with you. You may also book online by using the link below:


      Thank you for reaching out!

      The Wig Experts

      The Wig Experts

      Hello I’m reaching out because I’m interested in purchasing some pieces from you and I’ve bought a few off Amazon and they never ever look the same as the advertisement and they always make me hot just trying them on and they never fit right for example a wig with bangs the part of the wig were the bangs are suppose to be on your forehead are never right they are always like I guess you could say to small so I need help with things like are there different sizes ect …thankyou or if you can refer me to a article even
      April Wiley

      April Wiley

      Dear Priscilla,

      Thank you for contacting Beauty and Hair!

      We apologize, as we cannot locate an account for you here at Wigs.com based on your provided information.

      To better assist you, we will need more information to determine if you have an order in our system. Please provide the name, address, and zip code of your order. The email address you submitted with your order will be greatly appreciated. Of course, any order number, confirmation number, or customer number would also be helpful.

      Please contact our customer service team Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 6:30 pm CST if you need further assistance. Call TOLL-FREE 1-800-581-2001 or email customerservice@beautyandhair.com.

      The Wig Experts

      could you tell me when i might get my wig. I have events coming up. Just want to know.

      Priscilla Schmidt

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