Brands & Their Densities: An Overview

OCTOBER 29, 2021

Hair density affects the overall look of all alternative hair wigs and hair toppers. Density is determined by the amount of individual hair knots per square inch on a section of a wigs cap or hair topper base. The alternative hair density categories are as follows: light, light-medium, medium, medium-heavy, heavy. Each brand available at follows these categories, so we've broken down each brand and their overall density category to help you find your best hairpiece.  

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  • Ellen Wille
  • Gabor Wigs
  • HIM Men's Wigs
  • Amore
  • Noriko
  • Rene of Paris
  • Jon Renau Wigs
  • Raquel Welch Wigs
  • BelleTress
  • Wig Pro Wigs
  • Estetica Designs Wigs
  • Hairdo
  • Envy

Ellen Wille Wigs: Light Density

Ellen Wille's credo is that their products and hair density are "European-like." Full density is not their philosophy, so the most natural hair density is applied even if a piece is wefted or hand-tied. 

This philosophy distinguishes this brand from others, who usually vary each style's hair density. Over the years, we have heard clients rave about Ellen Wille's natural hair density! Explore some light density styles in the Hair Society Collection. Style featured below is Air. 

Gabor Wigs: Light Density

Gabor wigs are known for their affordability while also being lightweight hairstyles. Almost all Gabor wigs have a light density, and we've heard clients rave about this brands' classic hairstyles and natural look for years.

We recommend checking out styles with a monofilament cap construction such as Soft and Subtle, Epic, or Center of Attention if you're seeking a little more density. 

HIM Men's Wigs: Light Density

HIM Men's Wigs are made with luxury cap features such as lace fronts and monofilament caps to provide a natural look at the hairline. To give an extremely natural look, these wigs are made with a light density, making the premium cap features blend seamlessly with the scalp. 

Amore: Light Density

Designed with medical wig wearers in mind, Amore's high-quality wigs are created for maximum comfort and unparalleled wear-ability. Enjoy incredibly natural looks with light hair density from Amore. A few client favorites from this brand are Erin, Codi, and Stevie.

Noriko: Light-Medium Density

Whether you're looking for quality, comfort, or style, Noriko has it all. With styles from pixies to long tresses and budget-friendly prices, you'll find your beauty with this light-medium density brand.

If you're looking for a light hair density from Noriko, we recommend short styles such as Cory (Right) and Dolce.

If you like the brand Noriko, but you're looking for more of a medium hair density wig, try styles like Mariah or Angelica. Angelica (Left) is available in average and large cap sizes, as well as a partial monofilament option.

Rene of Paris: Light-Medium Density

Known for their ready-to-wear synthetic wigs, Rene of Paris offers high-fashion yet classic styles in alluring colors. Enjoy light-medium density wigs from this brand that are both natural but dressed up at the same time. 

If you adore Rene of Paris but are looking for a light-density style, we recommend styles such as Tori, Lizzy (Right), or Scorpio PM

If you desire a little more hair density, we recommend browsing medium-density styles such as Diva (Left) or Julie

Jon Renau Wigs: Light-Medium Density

On average, all Jon Renau wigs have a light-medium density. This density category provides a very natural overall look with a bit of lift of volume. 

If you love the brand but prefer an even more natural density, we recommend checking out the styles in the SmartLace Lite collection, as all these wigs have a light density.

If you want a fuller look and density, we recommend looking at styles like Blake. This long wig has a medium density, which makes the human hair feel even more luxurious. 

Raquel Welch Wigs: Light-Medium Density

In the past, Raquel Welch wigs were known for their medium to medium-heavy hair density. However, in recent years, the brand has pivoted its designs. Most of Raquel Welch wigs are light-medium density, but they also offer many synthetic wigs with light and medium densities. 

We recommend styles in the Black Label Human Hair collection if you're looking for medium-heavy to heavy hair densities from this brand.

BelleTress: Light-Medium Density

Known for their believable heat-friendly synthetic fiber and natural lace front hairlines, BelleTress Wigs believes that wigs can embrace transformation. Nearly all wigs in the BelleTress line fall in the light-medium hair density category. Explore some best-selling styles from this brand like Kona, Bellissima, and Peppermint.

Wig Pro Wigs: Medium Density

Known for their premium human hair wigs, all Wig Pro Wigs have a medium hair density. The medium density makes their human hair wigs feel even more full and luxurious! Browse Wig Pro's human hair and Remy human hair wigs here.

In recent years, Wig Pro has released a line of high-quality synthetic hair wigs. These wigs are also made with a medium hair density. So, if you're seeking a synthetic wig with volume and lift, we recommend Wig Pro's synthetic wigs.

Estetica Designs Wigs: Medium Density

Estetica Designs has an extensive collection of modern wigs and also classic wig styles. You'll find that all Estetica wigs have a medium hair density. The medium density gives their styles body and great movement. With various cap construction and wig lengths, you'll find beautiful medium-density wigs, such as Verona, Hudson, and Brady.

Hairdo: Density Varies on Wig

The brand, Hairdo, is known for its trendy styles and unique fashion colors. Most Hairdo wigs that come in natural hair colors, such as brunettes and blondes, have a light or light-medium density. If you are looking at their stunning fantasy-colored wigs, these wigs are medium to heavy density, depending on the style and length.

Envy: Density Varies by Style

Envy delivers believable, beautiful, and oh-so enviable wigs that'll give you next-level confidence. Known for their signature EnvyHair, a blend of human hair and heat-friendly synthetic fiber, you can enjoy gorgeous touchable hair that can be worn as is or styled to your liking. Another unique aspect about Envy is that they do not follow just one hair density when designing their wigs. Altering the hair density based on the styling means that the style looks completely natural and believable. 

We recommend wigs just as Erica (right), London, and Emma if you like light hair density.

If you prefer medium or medium-heavy density in your wigs, we recommend the following Envy Wigs: Tandi,Jade(left), or Veronica.

To learn more about what hair density means, read our Q&A blog about alternative hair density here.

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