Your Alternative Hair Guide

MAY 12, 2023

We are excited to announce our new Alternative Hair Guide! Whether you are new to wigs or new to hair toppers, or just need to expand your knowledge on specific topics, this guide will be helpful to all.  

If you need help navigating hair color, styles, or care and styling tips–we’ve got you covered. Not sure where to start? We’ve shared beginner’s favorite styles for wigs and hair toppers. Still can't decide, schedule a complimentary virtual consultation with one of our Experts.

Did you know that wearing the right size wig or hair topper can make all the difference? That is why we’ve included measuring tutorials for How to Find Your Size & Measuring Guide for wigs and for hair toppers. Wearing the correct size is the key to how natural your wig or hair topper looks, it also reduces risk of hair loss acceleration and damaging the cap or tangling at the nape. 

Follow these simple steps for success:

1. Choose from the following options - Wigs, Hair Toppers or schedule a complimentary Virtual Consultation. 
2. Measure! Follow our measuring instructions and/or watch our video tutorial. How to Measure Your Head for Wigs & How to Measure for Hair Toppers
3. Discover your perfect hair style by understanding how cap construction and base materials factor into the look and feel of the wig or hair topper. 
4. Decide what hair length helps you achieve your style goal?
5. Explore hair texture and fibers. Do you want curly, wavy or straight hair? Do you want to be able to heat style your wig or hair topper, or have the style set and ready to go with minimal effort? Hair Textures: Human, Synthetic, or a blend of both?
6. By following steps 1-5, this should help you determine your style goal. You can use our filter to help narrow down your options.
7. Once you choose the perfect style, then you choose from the color options available. Narrow it down to your desired color family (brunettes, blondes, reds, grays, fashion colors, favorites (this will tell you best selling colors). Finding the Right Wig Color
8. Now you are ready to learn about caring for new wig or hair toppers!
9. Be sure to check out the styling tips!
10. Go and have fun with your new hair. Or if you need additional assistance, schedule a complimentary Video Call with one of our experts! We would love to help. 

"I love the selection and shared knowledge"

"I love the customer service, selection, and shared knowledge! As a cancer patient experiencing medical alopecia, the site has been a wealth of help. I love the options provided too, lots of styles to choose from."