Pantone's Color Of The Year

Pantone's Color Of The Year | Purple Wigs Are In

The words out! Pantone has officially unveiled their pick for the 2018 Color of the Year!

But what does this mean for beauty?

Within hours of its release, the internet was overtaken with ideas of how to best integrate this new color into decorating and art in all its forms. From food coloring in sauces to decorate fine dining dishes, to ideas for how to use this color in the beauty community. Now, as I have yet to mention the name of the color, because I feel it is best to show you...

That’s right! This year’s color is “Ultra Violet”. A beautiful color that I fear may already have scared some people. Purple is a very bold choice, and after the year we have all experienced, it might just be the perfect choice.

Purple Wig

Being bold is sometimes confused - in regards to women - as being negatively aggressive. Due to this preconceived notion, some women find it difficult to wear deeper and richer shades such as this. But this color is nothing to be afraid of. Wearing purple or any dark, highly pigmented color doesn’t mean you have to change every aspect of your personality. The key is to learn how to best use this color to best suit you.

Below are a few tips for how to integrate this electric purple into the different aspects of your beauty routines.


Skin Care

Now I understand your trepidation... I mean, skincare? How can this color being introduced into a skincare routine? It’s actually quite simple and good for skin of all kinds: lavender. Using a lavender spray to refresh your skin throughout the day is both refreshing and relaxing. Some days it may feel difficult to get through the day, maybe a lack of sleep or coffee is to blame. But a spray with a little lavender will refresh your skin, and smells soothing to help you get through the rest of your day. We love this Homemade Lavender Spray!

Pro tip: this spray is also great to spray on your pillows at night to help you fall into a relaxing slumber. 

Lavender Spray



For the truly adventurous, there will be many hair stylists this year who will be met with desires for this purple coloring. Dying your hair is both a commitment and big statement for any room you walk into. For those who are looking to make a splash in the new year, here is my tip for you: if you do want to use this color for hairspiration, be sure to have a stylist help you with coloring. The biggest mistake you can make is using a dye that will either not work on your particular hair type or could potentially be damaging. Collaborating with a hair stylist will not only help you become more informed, but will cultivate a relationship with someone who shares your passion for beauty through hair.

And for those of you who aren’t quite ready to take the purple plunge, don’t worry, a purple headband or purple extensions never hurt anyone.

Ultra Violet Extensions



Here is where we will see the most integration of this newly announced color and beauty expression. From purple eyeshadows, to violet highlighter, this color will soon be splattered over every beauty guru’s instagram. My biggest hangup with these new beauty trends is the fear of not being able to create the same looks I am seeing online; causing a lack of creative expression.

If you share these thoughts, I want you to banish them! The beauty community is one of the most diverse and accepting, and everyone is welcome to take part. Whether it’s with a sparkly eyeshadow look or a deep purple lip color, let this color unleash a new creative side you have never knew you had.

No matter what, this color is something else. It’s deep pigmentation and complexities, simply from an artistic standpoint, make it a year for experimentation and boldness. Let this color inspire you to not only be bold in your self-care and beauty routines, but also in your everyday life.

Purple Makeup


2018 is the year for the bold.

How will you unlock your bold side?

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