Men's Wigs We’re Living For In 2019

Men's Wigs We’re Living For In 2019

Low fades, man buns, and disconnected undercuts - All styles we grew to love (or hate) in 2018. But now it’s 2019 and men's hairstyles are evolving into something hotter than ever!

Best Wigs for Men In 2019

So today, we’re going to talk about men’s wigs, and the hottest male trends we are starting to see that we’re definitely living for (so, boys — take note). It's time to talk about some of our favorite trends, and why girls go crazy over them!

Modern Quiff Haircut

blonde toupee

Perhaps every girls secret weakness is the jaw-dropping quiff that has girls drooling. Men — if you’re looking for a hairstyle that’s sure to be a show stopper, you might consider this clean-cut swoop. From Elvis to Zac Efron — this is a hairstyles that’s been driving girls made for decades, and it’s sure to make you stand out among your friends.

The Quiff is easy to customize and style — just keep a tight fade at the sides and back, leave your preferred length at the top (the longer, the better if you have cowlicks), and use your favorite product to style it back in a care-free, wave-like matter. Trust us, if you’re single now, you won’t be for much longer with this flashy trend!

Skin Faded Pompadour

The next hottest hair style on the list for men is the skin faded pompadour. Frequently rocked by everyone’s favorites Clooney and Avenger, this is a trend that’s never going to lose it’s glam! With a total laid-back vibe, you better watch out if you don’t want to be mistaken for Captain America, as this trend is totally his (and we’re absolutely loving it!).

This skin fade pompadour is perfectly layered. From the side, it almost looks like a fauxhawk because of sectioning of the hair (don’t mind me, just drooling over here). You can achieve this look with a little highlighting or darkened strands to help create dimension, and just a splash of product on the top to hold the style! With a look like this, is it any question as to why this style has captured the hearts of so many?

Crew Cut 2019

And lastly, our third top pick for hottest male hairstyles of 2019 goes to the crew cut! Short on the sides, longer on the top, with a defined line on the sides — this is perhaps the most popular of male hair trends right now. This look is cut, clean, and totally handsome. We love this style because of how professional it looks, with just a touch of bad boy (and we’re not just saying that because Channing Tatum has rocked it once or twice before!).

Fellas — if you’re looking to sneak your way into the hearts of many, have your barber give you the crew cut at your next hair appointment! If you need a men's wig or hairpiece to get the fullness needed for these looks, check out our men's hairpieces and men's wigs collections for your next style! We guarantee you won’t be disappointed! Hubba, hubba!

Leave us a comment and tell us which men's style is your favorite for 2019!

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