4 Tips for Sharing Your Wig Secret with the People in Your Life

4 Tips for Sharing Your Wig Secret with the People in Your Life

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There are so many feelings towards wigs and wearing them that it is tough to have an open and honest conversation about them.


For most people.

I happen to be one of those people who loves wigs and wearing them in as many unique styles and fun colors imaginable. I know that there are so many people that are not quite there yet or never will be for that matter. And my answer to that is “Why should you be?” Either you do not mind or even care if people know you are wearing a wig, or you would be mortified if anyone knew. These are both completely understandable and relatable views when it comes to wearing a wig. There is no wrong answer here. Really! There isn’t!

The hardest situation when wearing wigs though, is being in the position that you want to tell people because its ok with you if they know, but you will not say anything because you are afraid of their reaction. Well, the whole reason for wearing a wig is to boost your confidence, your self-reflection, and your style. So let your wig do its work!


If you want to share the fact that you wear wigs with friends or family or even co-workers though, then do it! Here are a few quick tips for how to do that!


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Wigs.com has a vibrant and active community of wig wearers. There are so many fellow wig enthusiasts there! You will find all kinds of information about care, storage, tips and tricks for wearing wigs in this forum. There are also many other wig wearers who want to share their experiences wearing wigs and encourage others to share their experiences as well. A safe place to get advice for how and when to share your secret!


Remember that People are Distracted These Days

As one Wigs Forum member said, “Everyone is more obsessed with themselves than my hair. If it has been a while - people will say you good or different but may not really know why.”

There are so many things going on in the world around us that most people just do not see the details much anymore. There will always be those that do see the details and those people are usually the ones that care the most about us. You might even consider sharing your secret with them! Then there are those that look for anything to pick on and if your wig is doing its job, your self-confidence and the reflection in the mirror is already bigger than them.

Think of Your Wig as an Accessory

Belts, shoes, jewelry, bags and even foundation wear are all simply accessories that define our style. Our hair styles are also an especially important part of that presentation. If you experience hair loss or just are not happy with your current hair condition, wigs become a particularly important accessory! Here is what one of our Wig Forum community members has to say about exactly this.

“When I'm feeling uncomfortable, I try to think of my wigs as accessories like make up or spanx. No one I know looks good just crawling out of bed, we go through a whole ritual of hair and makeup to look pretty to the rest of the world.”

Do Not Let the Fact That You Wear a Wig Define You

I just cannot stress this enough!

Here is what another Wig Forum member said,

“It is not that I am concerned about someone knowing I am wearing a wig, or even feeling bad about it. I wear wigs constantly and I am comfortable with that - but it is NOT a big part of my life. “

You are so much more than your hair, but I certainly know and understand how it can feel like that is not the case. Your hair is your crown, but your crown is not who you are. Even a queen knows that it is she that is the queen, not simply her crown. No matter how beautiful, how shiny, how expensive; a wig is not who you are. It is an expression of who you are. Never let it dominate and define your actions. Find a great wig with a comfortable fit and this will become less and less of an issue.

Wigs are a way of life and those who wear them daily find themselves with many questions and new discoveries. With hair loss, fashion, or really any reason for wig-wearing, you can have good days and bad days, days when you need support, and days when you want to advocate. But every day with wigs is a day to be empowered.

Leave a comment and share your favorite piece of advice to boost courage to fellow wig wearers. We would love to hear from you!


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I am critical about how my hair (or wig) looks on me. I wore them for a year when my company sent me out of state to work and couldn’t find any one to do it like I wanted. Then after Cancer and Chemo, losing all my hair, it was easy for me to put on a wig. I have fine hair, straight and goes limp unless I really use product to hold it – which I don’t like to do. So I have wigs happily in my life. I get many compliments for them (plus I know how to style them-most don’t or can’t). Usually just little tips. and tricks for natural look)
And honestly, I’ve never had anyone ask if I was wearing a wig. I’m serious! I love them.

Susan E. Duff

Since I have discovered wigs, my whole life has changed. I wear wigs as an accessory, and I love it! I get so much pleasure out of it, the people I work with enjoy them with me! I have discovered that wigs don’t define me. And now I wear them with pleasure. All my friends are even closer, and the compliments really make this a new adventure, and I have discovered that I would love to assist other woman to get empowered with a new found self confidence. I thank God every day for the clever manufacturers of wigs. Now I get to wear the hair I have always wanted to have!

Karin De Klerk

I love your wigs. I only buy wigs from you

Dalva Mora

I want to choose a wig to buy. I am your customer

Dalva Mora

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