Are Bangs In Style?

Are Wigs With Bangs In Style?

Bangs are a tool, armor, and a means of celebration. This timeless addition makes a statement for any female wearer. That is how women have used them throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. There are also many variations of bangs from which to choose. Continue reading to learn how stars like Liz Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Zooey Deschanel, and Lisa Rinna have used bangs to get some attention. 

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Wigs With Bangs and Their Beginning

As mentioned previously, women used bangs to send shockwaves around the world. Remember the 1920’s? Women hoisted up their skirts, broke free of the corset, and violently—(just kidding)—chopped off the front peripheral strands to lay over their foreheads. Resembling a young boy with a bowl cut, the modern flapper opted for the short bob with bangs.

As time progressed, women seemed to have a love-hate relationship with their bangs—or forehead. The downtrodden women of the 1930’s chastely swept their once evenly cut bangs off to the side. Then, the 1940’s girls poofed and pinned up their bangs on top of their heads. These seriously sculpted locks were known as “bumpers”.


Bangs and The Individual

As women reached the 1950’s, they literally threw off their uniforms and started celebrating freedom and victory. Individualism transpired, and bangs were at the forefront of distinctiveness. Audrey Hepburn’s hair is iconic. She sported short but full bangs that were an unprecedented move. Her side-swept locks were undoubtedly un-coiffed and, therefore, low-maintenance. Still, she rose to style divinity, and her hair is entirely indicative of Audrey Hepburn to this day.

Moving slightly forward, Liz Taylor perhaps catapulted straight-across bangs, not via her personal look, but from her appearance in the 1963 film, Cleopatra. Her character was a powerful, independent queen. She needed her hair to emulate the same. Aggressive bangs like these are still paired with longer hair to warn the world to watch out; i.e., Taylor Swift.

Zooey Deschanel is another interesting example of an individualist with bangs. In fact, she never tried to stand out by getting bangs. The actress always had bangs—except for that one time in Elf. Known for her quirky sense of humor and laid-back sense of style, she does not use bangs as a combative statement piece. Instead, Deschanel uses them as a reflection of her anti-Hollywood style.

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Clip In Bangs Just Because

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars are known for lustrous long hair. Lisa Rinna spices things up with her interesting pixie-shag. Sometimes her hair is a few inches shorter, few shades lighter, or few pieces more dimensional. The television diva, however, is always rocking bangs.

It’s possible to get bangs without diving all in. There are many softer options as well. The 2010’s lob features the long side bangs that gently kiss the forehead. It’s easy to make them short enough to be the focus point of styling yet long enough to tuck behind the ear. Not to mention, it's now easier than ever to have bangs without the commitment with the use of Clip-On Bangs.


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Bangs, Bangs, and More Bangs

Bangs are the perfect way to shake things up to subtly celebrate a career move or brazenly move on from a relationship. They can be a representation of a readiness to conquer the world or anti-mainstream attitude. Bangs have been with fashion throughout the past century, and for all those reasons, bangs are always in style!


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How do you feel about bangs?

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