Back by Popular Demand: The Scorpio Wig & Other Favorites!

Back by Popular Demand: The Scorpio Wig & Other Favorites!

I miss out on everything. No, really! I have this terrible habit of seeing something I love, like a dress, at a store and leaving it behind. I tell myself, “No, you don’t need it.” Still, I make a deal with myself. If the next day, I find myself still thinking about the dress, I’ll go back and get it.

Wouldn’t you know it – it’s gone. Turns out, someone else liked that dress too.

Yes, every time I go back to buy something the next day, it’s long gone. I should have learned by now to buy something when I see it.

I had a similar experience with some popular Revlon wigs. I loved the styles, but I had just purchased a wig recently and decided to wait. You can see where this is going. The styles in question were soon discontinued.

Thankfully, Rene of Paris is a company that understands! They swooped in and brought back some of Revlon’s popular discontinued styles. This time, I won’t miss out. I mean, hopefully. Old habits do die hard. You can be better than me, though, and get these wigs now!

Scorpio Wig

When originally sold by Revlon, the Scorpio Wig was a major customer favorite. With 95 reviews, 97% were overwhelmingly positive. So many customers swore by this wig. Numerous reviews mentioned how some were even on their third or fourth purchase! After all, when it’s time to replace an old wig, why not stick with the one you already love and trust?

Scorpio Wig by Revlon

Scorpio, now re-released by Rene of Paris, is a crowd-pleasing bob style with wispy bangs. This synthetic wig won’t lose its style through washing. Just be sure to use cool water!

It's constructed with a basic wig cap, so it's breathable and cool. This is especially useful in you live in a hot climate, or find that wigs are too warm throughout the day. The open-weft construction of this cap is also super comfortable. Join the league of loyal Scorpio lovers today!

Petite Portia Wig

 Petite Portia Wig

This little number has been around for a while, so you might even know it by its original name Petite Persuasion. You can consider this the petite version of the Scorpio listed above. Both are styled in a sleek and modern bob, with delicate straight across bangs. So pretty! Petite Portia also includes a hand-knotted monofilament left part that gives the look of a natural hairline where the wig is parted. If you love the idea of the Scorpio but need a petite variation, say hello to Petite Portia!

Sydney Half Wig


Sydney, formerly named Splendide, is a secret little lifesaver! Sydney is not actually a full wig, but it is a ¾ fall hair piece or "half wig". Basically, it’s a hair topper with more coverage. You can consider this a halfway mark between a full wig and a topper. The base of this piece has ear-to-ear flex combs that attach the half wig to your own hair.

This synthetic piece comes to you already curled with a beautiful wave. It’s a perfect piece for adding volume and bounce to your own natural hair. If you’d like to try the Sydney half wig, you'll love the gorgeous, carefree style. Total transformation!


Which style are you most excited to see return? Let us know in the comments!

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