Belle Tress is Now Available on!

Belle Tress is Now Available on!

 It’s officially February and at, we are in LOVE. Our new boo has us feeling beautiful, carefree, and feeling fabulous! Who is this mysterious love? Don’t be silly; it’s not a “who.” The stunning wigs of Belle Tress have won our heart! We aren’t the jealous type, though. We cannot wait to share these looks with you!


Product shown is M&M by Belle Tress

Belle Tress is the brainchild of two women in Studio City, a neighborhood in the cutting-edge city of Los Angeles.  These ladies have their finger on the pulse of style. Their mission is simple: to create modern styles based on old Hollywood glamour. Mission accomplished, we say. is proud to offer 12 best-selling selections from Belle Tress’s Café Collection. This line of synthetic lace front wigs has been inspired by the prevalent coffee culture we’re all caught up in. Coffee culture? If you’re scratching your head, don’t worry. It’s not a phrase most people find themselves saying, but we all recognize “coffee culture” when we see it. You’ll find examples of it everywhere, honestly.  It’s represented in the thousands of Instagram posts captioned: “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee.” Every store worth its salt today has an offering of coffee knick-knacks, especially tiny rustic signs that read, “But first, coffee.”


No doubt, we love  our coffee. Belle Tress has translated our beverage obsession into beautiful creamy shades. Each Café Collection wig’s color is as smooth and warm as a Starbucks macchiato. Allow me to highlight my favorites for you (see all 12 of the beautiful Belle Tress wigs here).



            It’s 2019 and it seems like the beachy loose waves style has been around forever – with good reason! What other hairstyle marries glamorous texture and carefree ease? Columbia by Belle Tress is incredibly versatile. This wig is perfect at home, in the office, or on a romantic date night. Everything we need in an everyday look. Plus, Columbia comes in amazing three-dimensional shades. A customer favorite is the yummy Sugar Cookie with Hazelnut hue. The base is a creamy honey blonde, with butterscotch highlights and a medium brown root.



French Curl is a synthetic lace front wig that is the epitome of “waterfall curls.” This look is a cascade of romantic curls ready to wear out of the box! Everyone knows how time-consuming curls can be. With this beauty, you won’t be chained to a curling iron. Try the Mocha with Cream shade. Like a warm cup of coffee, the color is a rich brunette with swirls of caramel and honey.


            Can you even really enjoy a hot cup of java without some biscotti paired with it? The twice-baked cookie originated in Italy, but variations of it can be enjoyed all over the world. While the little pastries are comforting, this standout wig is anything but. Biscotti Babe by Belle Tress is an asymmetrical bob that is fierce and wickedly cool. You’ll love the boldness of the Cayenne hue with the Ginger root. What better way to go red hot this Valentine’s Day?



So, tell us: are you in love too? Let us know in the comments which wig you are dying to try!

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I just feel happy and normal, feel comfort touching hair of Belle trees. May doing anything and feeling completely safe , glad and proud wearing Belle trees wigs. Received a lot of compliments from people who don’t even know me👍😀

Jolanta Edyta Sasor

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