Best-Selling Brands (Pros + Cons)

Best-Selling Brands (Pros + Cons)

When you need to purchase a wig, scrolling through pages of choices can be overwhelming. It can be helpful to have ways to narrow down the search. If you’d like the best of the best, you can’t go wrong with the three top best-selling brands at Jon Renau, Raquel Welch, and Ellen Wille.
Continue reading for more information on these top brands so you can decide which is the one for you.


Jon Renau is an international brand that was established in 1984. Today, they continue to “to push the alternative hair envelope.”

Of the three best-selling brands, Jon Renau wigs has the largest selection of longer length wigs. Three of the top-selling Jon Renau wigs on feature long beautiful tresses.
Along with length, Jon Renau brings the blonde. If you have more fun as a blonde, Jon Renau is the best option for you. The brand has a wide selection of gorgeous and natural blonde shades.
Jon Reanu wigs typically have medium density. While some of their wigs are specifically created to have lower density, the majority fall in the medium category. If you’re accustomed to thinner hair or aren’t looking for a voluminous look, you may want to try a different brand.
Top Sellers:

Best Selling Colors:
  • 12FS8 Shaded Praline (12FS8)
  • Venice Blonde (22F16S8)
  • Hot Cocoa (8RH14)

Why Our Customers Love It:
Customers sing praises of Jon Renau wigs in our WigForum! What do they like about them? First, they can’t get over how well-made they are! They “hold up well” and “seem to last.” Second, the Jon Renau colors and shades are unbeatable. Lastly, wearers like the strong construction of the brand’s lace front and monofilament tops.

Raquel Welch only wants to achieve one thing with her brand’s wigs: “Making every woman even more beautiful - that’s my mission.”
If you like short bobs and pixie cuts, Raquel Welch offers many styles. The top-sellers include bold textured crops and sophisticated bobs.
If you’re just a little bit fiery and love a wig in a beautiful red shade, you’re in luck with Raquel Welch. The company creates wigs in such natural red shades. Just check out the Cinnabar shade and try not to fall in love.
As for wig caps, Raquel Welch wigs come in varied and fantastic constructions. Their Memory Cap is made with thinner material for a cool fit. The cap also conforms to your head shape after only one hour!
Raquel Welch wigs usually are thicker and have higher density. If you don’t like the look of a fuller hair style, you might want to try Ellen Wille instead as it has lighter density and is not as voluminous as Raquel Welch wigs.
Top Sellers:

Best selling Colors:
  • Glazed Hazelnut (R829S+)
  • Shaded Golden Wheat (SS14/88)
  • Golden Wheat (R14/88H)

Why Our Customers Love It:
You can’t argue with the rave reviews. Customers adore the shades and rooting of these wigs because they look so natural. They also dig the realistic look of the brand’s lace fronts.



Ellen Wille is Europe’s top-selling wig brand, but it has made a huge splash across the pond in North America as well!
If you love short styles and pixie cuts, you will love Ellen Wille wigs. Take a look at the top sellers for this brand. Tab, for example, is a bold pixie, while Elite is a smart bob.
If you’re accustomed to thinner biological hair, you may want a similar look in your wig. In that case, you’ll need to check out Ellen Wille wigs. These wigs are lighter in density, giving the appearance of finer hair.
If your head is just a bit smaller, you may need a petite cap. Ellen Wille has a great selection of wigs in petite sizes!
Ellen Wille wigs are generally constructed to have less density. Because of this, Ellen Wille wigs tend to look thinner than similar Jon Renau or Raquel Welch wigs.
Top Sellers:

Best-Selling Colors:
  • Sandy Blonde Rooted
  • Salt and Pepper Rooted
  • Bernstein Mix

Why Our Customers Love It:
Ellen Wille has its fans! Loyal wearers on the forum recommend the brand for its versatile cuts and colors. They are also quick to point out the natural density of the wigs along with the comfortable and breathable caps.


Do you play favorites with brands? That’s okay! Let us know what brand tops your list in comments!


Hi Sheila,

If you like Upstage but with a bit more body or curl we may recommend Crowd Pleaser, Editor’s Pick Elite, or Simmer Elite. Please keep in mind that Upstage is a heat-friendly style so this can be styled with the use of heat styling tools under 350° to add curl or customize your style.

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What is a similar wig to Upstage maybe not as Curley but with bangs and sort/ medium length?


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