Best Selling Vivica Fox Wigs

Best Selling Vivica Fox Wigs

Vivica Fox is instantly recognizable as a beautiful movie star, but did you know she also has her own line of wigs?
The Vivica Fox brand is owned by parent company Amekor. Amekor is a company based in Pennsylvania with a rich history of partnerships with African American women. They partnered with the first African American Miss America!
In 2008, the wig manufacturer teamed up with the lovely Vivica Fox and created the brand Vivica A. Fox Hair Collection. Together, they produce wigs beloved by many. The brand’s aim is to make wearers stand out in the crowd!
If you’re thinking you are born to stand out and make an impression, I think your next purchase should be something from the Vivica Fox wigs collection! Trust me, you’ll be turning heads in no time.
Here’s a list of our best-selling Vivica Fox wigs. Also, all of the wigs below have been hand-picked by our Wig Experts and deemed their favorite African American wigs!


 Brie Wig by Vivica Fox
Brie is a fun and flirty style! This long wig hits below the shoulders with soft waves and flipped ends. Take note of that dramatic side-swept bang! The wig is made with the brand’s Futura fiber which is heat-friendly synthetic, so you can style this wig in any way you want!
Oh, and I should mention - this wig is a financial steal! Just ask customer Amy. “[This wig is] one of my favorites! It’s as good as some of my 300 dollar wigs! So so lovely for the price!”


 H-157 Wig by Vivica Fox
This stunner of a wig is made of human hair with a yaki texture. It’s made to mimic the feel of natural African American hair after a relaxer treatment.
The cap of this wig is a sign of great wig design. The Pure Stretch cap features dual-stretch sides and a closed flower netting that maintains the original shape of the style.
Customers love this wig for how natural it looks, but they do note that the bangs may be a bit long for some. This is easily remedied with a quick trim.

Snap Bang Front

If you’re aren’t looking for a full wig, what about something in the bangs category? For the fringe-less, we’re all just a few decisions and a pair of scissors away from some bangs. You don’t have to go full-commitment with those scissors though if you go with clip-on bangs!
These human hair bangs snap right in and can heat-styled to match any look. It can also work as a closure for a weave.


Charli is a polished and sleek straight style that is heat-friendly if you’d rather go curly. The ends curve in to give a flattering face frame, along with a delicate wispy bang.
What do our customers think? Alexis V. couldn’t be happier. “The quality and texture are so real! I will definitely be purchasing more.”



We end our list with this beautiful number. Javant is styled with long layers made from Futura heat resistant synthetic fiber. The virtually invisible lace front gives you off-the-face styling options.
Customer LaShawnda’s first lace-front wig was Javant! “I love it so much that I am ordering another one today.”

Did your favorite Vivica Fox wig make our list? Would you have added a few more? Let us know in the comments!


Dear Taunna,

We understand Petite cap sizes are challenging to source for women in any brand as it is not as common. However, you have the option of choosing a Average size cap and using the adjustable straps to tighten it as they can be tightened up to 1.5 inches.

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The Wig Experts

The Wig Experts

I am very versatile when it comes to my wigs and I find I like curly medium length a slant towards piano colors brown blonde highlights but again that depends on the style! But I usually buy wigs geared toward black woman styles and my head is petite so I’m very limited on what’s available!!!!


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