Breaking Barriers: Alopecia Photoshoot Recap

May 16th, 2023

Black and White photo of Alopecia models in Jeanna Doyle photoshoot


I recently had the unique privilege of teaming up with Stewart Cohen Pictures and Jeanna Doyle to sponsor a groundbreaking Alopecia photoshoot. This event was not just about capturing beautiful images, it was about empowering and celebrating the courage, resilience, and beauty of individuals living with Alopecia.
Caroline on screen in Jon Renau Zara Lite 8RH14

Behind The Scenes

The journey began long before the camera started clicking. The inspiration for the shoot came from Caroline Alanis, a remarkable woman who has been living with Alopecia since the age of 4. She runs a supportive Facebook group, called Chicago Alopecians, which is where she connected with the models, many of whom she has known for years. This photoshoot was an opportunity to bring the stories of these brave individuals to the forefront and to demonstrate that beauty is diverse, going far beyond physical attributes.

The Models and Their Stories





The models, all of whom were living with Alopecia, were the heart and soul of the shoot. They brought their unique experiences, styles, and perspectives, adding layers of depth and authenticity to the project. Caroline, Manetha, Maria, and Vivian are all unforgettable individuals. Their willingness to participate, their courage to stand in front of the camera and confidently declare, "This is me, and I am beautiful," created a transformative atmosphere on the set.
Maria posing seriously without a wig
Maria wearing Wavy Day wig by Raquel Welch

Creating Connections

One of the most powerful moments of the day came at a small moment, when one of our models tried on the Wavy Day wig by Raquel Welch. Her eyes welled up as she saw a reflection that she felt good with, a reflection that reminded her of her own sense of self before her hair loss. It was a moment of realization not only for her but for all of us present, affirming the power of our work in providing alternative hair. Each woman was on a different point in her own journey, and we were able to help them along the way.

The Impact and The Why

This emotional reaction was as a reminder of why we do what we do. Our mission at isn't just about providing medical-grade wigs; it's about enabling individuals to reconnect with their sense of self, whether that involves a wig or not. We aim to assist in a journey of self-realization, where individuals can see themselves as the beautiful, resilient beings they truly are.
Black and White photo of Alopecia models in Jeanna Doyle photoshoot


The Alopecia photoshoot was a success in more ways than one. Not only did it amplify their stories and ignite a conversation around beauty standards, but it also served as a powerful source of inspiration and strength for everyone involved. I started in this industry only 6 months ago and this photoshoot was a personal breakthrough moment for me, where I got to see our impact face to face. All of us involved are incredibly grateful to our brave models, our supportive audience, and everyone who helped make this project a reality. Together, we have taken a significant step towards fostering acceptance and redefining beauty norms.
Indira Washington (Social Media Coordinator) wearing Star by Ellen Wille
Written by Indira Washington (Social Media Coordinator)