Wigs.com Honors Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

October 1st, 2023

Breast Cancer Awareness Month, observed every October, serves as a powerful reminder of the impact of breast cancer on individuals and their families. While awareness campaigns and fundraisers are crucial in supporting research and patient care, it's also important to recognize the emotional toll cancer can take on those affected. For women going through chemotherapy, another challenge they are faced with is losing their hair. Many women say that losing their hair was more traumatic than if they had to have a mastectomy. This is of the many reasons why Wigs.com partnership with Breastcancer.org to help provide education about wigs for people experience hairloss due to treatment for breast cancer, as well as fundraise for this orginzation’s ongoing efforts and programs.
Founded in 2000 by Dr. Marisa C. Weiss, Breastcancer.org is a non-profit organization committed to offering accurate and current medical information on breast health and breast cancer. They support and assist every individual and their loved ones impacted by breast cancer.  

The Emotional Impact of Hair Loss

For many breast cancer patients, hair loss is an unwelcome side effect of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Losing one's hair can be emotionally devastating, as it often symbolizes a loss of identity, femininity and in our society is an appearance synonymous with looking “ill.” Many individuals undergoing cancer treatment experience a profound sense of vulnerability and diminished self-esteem due to these changes in their appearance.

Is Wearing A Wig Right For You?

Wigs have long been a valuable resource for people dealing with hair loss, particularly cancer patients. They provide an opportunity to regain control over one's appearance and feel more like themselves, even when facing the physical and emotional challenges of treatment. Here are some key reasons why wigs play a vital role during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and beyond:
  • Boosting Self-Esteem

    Wearing a wig can help breast cancer patients feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin. It allows them to maintain a sense of normalcy in their appearance, which can positively impact their emotional well-being.

  • Privacy and Choice

    Wigs provide individuals with the privacy to choose when and how they reveal their cancer diagnosis. Some patients may prefer not to disclose their condition immediately, and wigs offer a degree of control over this aspect of their lives.

  • Expression and Variety

    Wigs come in various styles, colors, and lengths, allowing patients to experiment with different looks, express their individuality, or find a style just like their bio hair style. Having options can be empowering and uplifting, helping individuals cope with the challenges of their cancer journey.

 Dance by Ellen Wille in shade Candy Blonde Tipped
Whether you decide wearing a wig is right for you or not, we support you! Breast Cancer Awareness Month reminds us of the strength and resilience of individuals battling breast cancer. While the focus is often on medical advancements and early detection, it's equally important to acknowledge the emotional aspect of the journey. 

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