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Busy Mom…Great Hair - The shortcuts I use to get there!            

Posted on February 15 2019

Being a busy mom and running a business is not easy task.  It is crazy sometimes and if I am not careful I will walk out of the house with two non-matching shoes on my feet!

I am in the hair business so it is important my hair look relatively presentable while I am at work.  It that isn’t always easy! I have lots of hair and thankfully am not losing much density yet.  However…I still need lots of help getting great hair!

Wigs Are My Go-To Hair-do!

Wigs are always the easiest way to put on a perfect 'do quickly. I get my hair cut and done every 7-8 weeks or so, but, for that period of time where my roots have outgrown the trendy stage, wigs and top pieces are my go-to solution. 

Being part of, I have access to some great wigs, extensions, and hairpieces… so I am blessed that I have the best selection to choose from. 


Brown human hair wig by Ellen Wille


What I have learned… you don’t have to have the most expensive item to have a great look that makes you feel confident. I have worn it all; from the cheap wigs that cost under $100, to the top of the line human hair wigs that cost over a thousand. They can both look great on me if I make sure I have a few details covered:

(1) I always insist on a lace front wig. If I love a style that does not have lace front, I make sure it is in my hair color and I pull a bit of my own bio hair out for the front to get a totally natural hair line. A natural front hairline is the key.

(2)  Rooted color or color with highlights to create depth. This is very important! (Bonus if you find a style that has both!) The hair needs to look like it grew out of your scalp and solid colors are less apt to look natural. With wigs you are basically putting on a perfect hairdo so be sure you focus on the natural hairline and color...And if you get a wig that is shiny (as many of the more affordable wigs are), you can remedy this with some dry shampoo spray. Easy quick fix!


Blonde Human Hair Wig by Noriko


My closet has Styrofoam mannequin heads lined across my top shelf and I have both synthetic wigs and human hair wigs. They both have their advantages (and disadvantages) but there is nothing like being able to grab a great synthetic wig… shake it… and go!  It is the easiest 3 min of my getting ready process.  Sometimes I work late on my computer at home and get to sleep late. However, I don’t have the luxury of sleeping in. My kids morning starts early and so every minute counts!  Wigs make life fast and easy!


Carliz's Closet of Human Hair Wigs


My favorite thing to do is changing up my hair color.  I could never dye my hair 2-3 different colors per month if it weren’t for wigs. There are some days I am picking my outfit for the day and I choose my hair color to match.  It is my favorite accessory (okay…aside from shoes…I am a shoe horse😉 )

Changing up my color really does change my attitude. I love going with a short bob with bangs… but I would never have the nerve to cut my bio hair that short. With wigs, I love that I don’t have to! I wonder why everyone that wears wigs doesn’t do it too... (Maybe it is because I still have lots of hair that it is easier for me to experiment with wigs and feel confident?)  But it sure is fun and I am so proud to be a wig wearer! I know at some point in my life I will lose my hair...We all do for the most part.  I have zero anxiety about when that day comes because I know the secret!


Upstage Wig by Raquel Welch, Blonde Bob Wig


Having great hair is any woman’s goal. Most of us think it is useless to try but if everyone knew how easy it is to throw in extensions, a top piece, or a volumizer to get fuller hair from what you already have…everyone would do it!  

Even of those days where a ponytail is needed, there are hairpieces that give your ponytail more oomph. Now...I want to be clear.  My hair by no means is great everyday... some days, especially on the weekends, hair is the last thing on my mind!  But I always know I have easy access if I need it. With the new innovations in wearable hair, there is no excuse for having a bad hair day.


Do you love wigs like me? What is your situation? We'd love to read about you. Please comment below!


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