Can You Use Hairspray on a Synthetic Wig

Can You Use Hairspray on a Synthetic Wig?

Synthetic hair has come such a long way in recent years. Wigs constructed with synthetic hair are weatherproof, easy to take care of, and are typically much less expensive than wigs constructed with real human hair. Synthetic hair also holds its' style through washing! There are now even wigs created using heat-friendly synthetic fibers that can be curled or straightened just like human hair (just be careful not to go above 275 degrees Fahrenheit)! With all the benefits that come with synthetic hair, there are still limitations when compared to human hair.  

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Can you use hairspray on a synthetic wig?

This is a question that is asked by many of our clients here at With human hair, you have endless styling options. With synthetic hair, you are a little more limited when it comes to styling options... especially if you want your wig to last! It is crucial when caring for and styling wigs made with synthetic hair to use products that were made specifically for this special type of hair fiber. Using hairspray made for human hair can actually destroy the synthetic fiber and ruin your wig! The good news is that there is hairspray that is designed for synthetic hair that works just as good as its counterpart! BeautiMark hair care products have a wonderful holding spray in their collection. We love the Flex-Hold Hairspray by BeautiMark!

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Another great benefit of the Flex-Hold Hairspray by BeautiMark is that it can also be used on human hair! It is gentle and free of harmful parabens so you can rest assured that you are using the best products on your hair... regardless of whether it's a human hair wig or synthetic wig! The Style and Hold Hairspray is also is not in an aerosol can so it is safe for the environment! Did we mention it is also not tested on animals?! 

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When using products on synthetic hair, it is essential to do your research. Synthetic fiber is not as resilient as human hair and requires a different form of care. If you use products that are created for synthetic hair, you will not only have fantastic results, but also extend the life of your synthetic wig.

If you’re looking for more hair care products for your synthetic wigs or extensions, shop our selection of BeautiMark hair products.  

What are your favorite products for synthetic wigs? 


Hi Kathy,

We wouldn’t recommend using that product on a synthetic piece because it isn’t for synthetic hair. Any product used on human hair isn’t useful on synthetic fiber.

We have hairspray that is for synthetic fibers (please view by clicking on the link below:


The Wig Experts

Hi Kim,

The Beautimark Flex Hold hairspray is the only brand that we carry. We are sorry to hear that the scent is too strong, as we revamped it and tried to make it light.

The Wig Experts

The flex hold hair spray has such a strong order. I can’t use it because of that. Is there another brand that is order less? Thanks!


I just purchased an alcohol free hairspray..kenra.. is there any reason I couldn’t use it? It doesn’t say for synthetic… its max moisture retention

Kathy geib

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