Can You Wear A Hat With A Wig?

Can You Wear A Hat With A Wig?

Are you wary about looking awkward and bulky, or damaging your wig by wearing it with a hat? Well, fear not! We've got you covered - literally. It's time to dispel any “wig wary” fears, questions, or concerns about layering your look that might be preventing you from donning that ravishing raspberry beret in homage to Prince. So grab your lucky Irish cap for St. Paddy’s Day, showcase your snazzy stocking cap when sipping sangria at your favorite bistro, and plan on styling at Miami Beach this Spring Break in that fabulous fedora!

Now let's talk about some tips for wearing wigs under hats, examples of hip hairpieces to wear under hats, and simple styling basics to look like a cool cat in your hat, not like The Cat in the Hat! It’s totally safe and secure to sport wigs under hats, so take creative cues from Tim McGraw, The Queen of England, Pharrell, Bruno Mars, and other hat royalty!

So, Can Wigs and Hats Come Together?

Yes, absolutely. While it definitely takes practice and prep to wear a wig or hairpiece under a hat, just like all men and women endure with natural hair when wearing a hat during sweltering summers or blustery blasts of winter, the results are totally worth it since hats offer awesome versatility for your accessorizing!

Numerous customers in Chicago, Houston, Tulsa, and Anchorage actually praise their headcovers, hats, halo wigs, and scarves for keeping them from bad wig or hairpiece days during the windy woes. It merely takes time and patience before you’re as holla hot as Halle Berry or Ricky Martin in your next hat debut with our following tips: 

How to Wear A Hat Over A Wig

Because you wear so many hats in your lives, jobs, and families, here’s our Top 10 Tip List as a “hats off” to you when wearing a hat over a wig or hairpiece, contemplating head covers, and praying for a heavenly halo wig:

  • Best Buy: We’re not talking about the digital store! Invest in the right type of hat.
  • Material Girl (or Man): Model Madonna and choose lightweight materials to avoid overheating, especially for our desert dudes and divas!  
  • Vex the Veg Head: Save the squash for your stir fries; don’t hold your hat and head hostage when applying a hat over your wig. Remember light is right! 
  • Bobby Pins: Use a duo of good ole bobby pins to secure each side. Add two or three at the nape of your neck as well: safety in numbers, as your mama always preached! Just make sure you're careful not to puncture the wig cap with the bobby pins.
  • Glued Glitz: Wig glue, a magic band, extra wig clips, and other glitz tricks will keep that hat as tight as J. Lo's jeans!
  • Spritzer: Not the red, white, or blush variety, but wear conditioning spray for the fall-winter blues to keep that wig from pulling a Marilyn Monroe, and look nice and shiny under your hat!
  • Notorious B.I.G.: Regardless of whether you can rap or not, buy a hat one size too big to achieve that perfect hat/wig harmony!
  • Charlie’s Angel: Try halo wigs for hats and be Boho brilliant.


Product shown is Halo Hairpiece by Rene of Paris

  • Magic Touch: Explore synthetic hair additions that give you more security than TSA due to their cross over elasticated bands: 


Product shown is Hat Magic by Jon Renau

Halo Wigs for Hats

Unique designs within Halo Wigs specifically help to ensure better safety and security, besides style, of course. Harken your Heavenly side today, so opt for a Halo Wig as the Holy Grail of Hats open for you! Panama Canal, anyone?

Product shown is Halo Bob by Rene of Paris

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Tell us what tips you use when wearing wigs over hats in the comments!

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