Celebrating the Life of Raquel Welch, an Icon Who Changed the Alternative Hair Industry Forever

FEBRUARY 15, 2023

Remembering the Trailblazer

It is with a heavy heart that we learn of the passing of Raquel Welch, an iconic actress and alternative hair industry pioneer who will be greatly missed. Raquel Welch was a trailblazer in many ways, but she was especially influential in the world of wigs. Working together with her over the last two decades has been an amazing journey for our team, at wigs.com, making it that much more emotional now she's gone. We always admired her relentlessness in her pursuit of excellence with each style she came out with.

Raquel had many favorite styles, but Goddess was at the top of her list!

An Inspiration to All Women

The impact Raquel left behind will never be forgotten. She served as an inspiration to women from all walks of life and opened up endless possibilities when it came to styling our tresses. She made us realize that no matter what hairstyle we decided to go with—whether it be natural curls or a synthetic wig—we can still look beautiful while embracing ourselves wholeheartedly! We may not all have access to Hollywood-level glamor like Raquel did, but we can use her legacy as motivation to find our own unique beauty routine that makes us feel our best every single day!

Always Remembered

Raquel Welch was an icon who changed the way we think about alternative hair solutions forever by normalizing it and making beautiful hair accessible for all. We are deeply saddened by her passing but thankful for all she has done for our alternative hair community during her lifetime. Rest in peace Raquel Welch--you will always be remembered fondly! 

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