Celebrities With Natural Red Hair

Celebrities With Natural Red Hair

They say blondes have more fun, but maybe, just maybe, redder is better! Whether your real hair color is red or you’re someone whose hair is chemically altered (hello, Christina Hendricks!), this article is for you. With so many famous redheads proudly showing off their fire mane (pun most definitely intended), it’s about time we highlighted the many different shades of red hair colors!

Emma Stone's Auburn Hair

Emma Stone mid-length red hair

Emma sporting a sleek hairstyle that grazes the shoulder.

Emma Stone is arguably one of the most famous Hollywood actresses out there. I mean, come on, she even won an Oscar. But aside from her obvious acting chops, she’s also known as being one of the most famous redheads. While Emma’s hair is pretty settled into being some hue of red these days (depending on whichever movie she’s currently filming, of course), most people are shocked to find out that her natural hair color is actually blonde. In fact, it was Judd Apatow who suggested she dye her real hair color from blonde to a deep auburn for her role in the cult classic “Superbad.” The rest, obviously, is history. Emma (and casting agents!) loved her hair so much that she kept in -- and has since rocked many, many different types of red hair colors.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry, you handsome devil, you. Ladies (and gentlemen!) worldwide were saddened -- albeit not totally shocked -- when Prince Harry announced his engagement to actress Meghan Markle at the end of 2017, meaning that our favorite redhead’s playboy days have come to an end. Here’s to hoping Harry and Meghan have a few kids (those looks need to be passed on!), and that, at the very least, unlike his older brother William, Harry holds onto his hair. Those beautiful red locks deserve to stick around forever.

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Jessica Chastain's Long Red Tendrils

Jessica Chastain's beautiful red hair

Another natural redhead! Jessica Chastain, a Golden Globe winning actress, is famous for both her red hair and her portrayal of strong, fiercely independent female leads. (Hey, it’s no wonder -- after all, redheads are known to be fiery!) Unlike many other redhead leading ladies, however, Jessica is actually a natural redhead. In fact, the actress refuses to dye her hair for roles because she is so afraid of losing her natural tint forever.

Carrot Top's Mega Curls

Oh, come on. How could we make a list of famous redheads and not include Carrot Top?! The comedian, born Scott Thompson is practically synonymous with red hair at this point. For years, his mop used to be a little outlandish (and bright!), he’s since tamed his mane and now shines redheads in a much better light.

Christina Hendrick's Red Hair With Bangs

Christina Hendricks' wavy red hair

If you watched Mad Men, you know that Christina’s hair was such a prop of the show, she was frequently referred to as “Red” instead of “Joan,” the name of her character. Hendricks is another famous (and award winning!) actress who was born blonde, but felt like the life of a redhead much better suited her. In fact, Hendricks was fairly young when she decided to make the switch. Inspired by Anne of Green Gables, Hendricks, in her early teens, dyed her blonde hair red using a box -- and never looked back. The rest, you could say, is history. Good job, Red. It clearly worked out.


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