5 Celebs You Didn’t Know Wore Wigs

5 Celebs You Didn’t Know Wore Wigs

Celebs such as Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj certainly weren’t making this list only because we all know how much they love their colorful wigs. However, for the celebs that slide right under the radar with their beautifully crafted wigs, it really makes us wonder how long they’ve had us fooled.

Kim Kardashian Wig Styles

Kim Kardashion Wigs

First of our five is Mrs. Kim Kardashian-West. Who knew that each time we saw her beautiful black hair that it was in fact a wig? Most people didn’t have any idea at all that her shiny jet-black hair was confirmed, by the beauty herself, to be a wig. While Kim Kardashian does in fact have long and healthy Armenian hair, she keeps it protected under her unbelievably natural wigs that are customized by her personal hair stylists.

Blake by Jon Renau

Check out "Blake" by Jon Renau for a style similar to Kardashian-West's


La La Anthony Style Wigs

Someone else who has had us fooled is Mrs. La La Anthony; she wears a signature dark brown and golden ombré look usually styled long with soft waves. Her trick is consistency; she has managed to keep the same hairstyle, or the variation of the same style, for years now; her reality show led us to the discovery that she wears a wig majority of the time we see her. She uses braids to keep her hair protected under her wigs. La La does change up her hairstyle from time to time but she plays up her staple look styling her wig straight, extra curly, or even wet.


Really Dark Brown Hair | Miranda by Jon Renau

Long Layers & Soft Waves - Get the look with Miranda by Jon Renau 


Zendaya Hair Wigs

Next up is the young celeb, Zendaya. Whoever styles Zendaya’s hair definitely likes to play tricks on all of us; any wig that she wears looks so natural and believable because her hair stylist always uses the same sandy brown color for all of Zendaya’s wigs. Whether it’s short hairstyles or long hairstyles, when we think Zendaya is switching up styles with her natural hair, she’s actually just switching out her wigs! 

H Sada by Motown Tress

One of our favorite Zendaya looks is a pixie cut, similar to H-SADA by Motown Tress


Karrueche Tran Wig Hair

Now coming in at number four is the new TV star, Karrueche Tran. We have seen this celeb change her hair a few times, but any different color long hairstyles or short hairstyles we’ve seen from Miss Tran have all been... you guessed it, a wig! Karrueche’s natural hair is quite long so any long hairstyles she wears has always been so believable, and the same goes for any short hairstyles she has worn as well, until we realized she would go from a short blonde bob one day, to her normal long dark brown hair the next.

Zara by Jon Renau

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Nicole Kidman Wigs

Last on our list of celebs is the gorgeous Nicole Kidman. Nicole has been vocal in the past about how she often wears wigs when shooting movies. Wigs offer perfectly styled hair.. all the time! How could she not love the beauty and ease that comes with wearing wigs?!

Nicole Kidman

Get the Look with Kristen by Jon Renau


It's impressive how celebrity stylists manage to create such well-crafted wigs for celebs to transition their styles from day to day. There are probably hundreds of celebs that wear wigs without being detected at all, which is exactly how it should be. So get inspired by you favorite celeb today and create a wig wardrobe of your own, no one even has to know.    

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