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Wear Red With You Red Hair Wigs!

Are you looking to incorporate some red into your wardrobe and beauty routine but wondering where to begin? Believe us, we get it. Red, the statement color that it is, has been known to make even the bravest of fashionistas a little wary.

Wear it correctly, and the world is your oyster. Wear it in an unflattering shade and... yikes. Because red is bold and attention grabbing, even commanding, the thought of incorporating red into your wardrobe can be intimidating. Good news for you, though, wearing red really doesn’t have to be scary! You simply need to know how to wear it.


Red Brown Bob Wig


Red Outfits

First, we’ll start with clothes. A classic red, tailored dress is always in. Go for a cut that hugs your curves and hits just below the knee to channel your inner Joan Holloway (known mostly as “Red” thanks to her hair!) from “Mad Men.”

If a dress isn’t your cup of tea, cigar pants paired with a while silk top and strappy sandals will have you commanding the boardroom and the runway. And, of course, there’s nothing wrong with a statement red peacoat - you’ll be the splash of color amongst a sea of black and gray. And, we could all use that spot of brightness in our lives!

Talent Mono by Ellen Wille

Red Make-Up

If you’re wanting to enter into the world of red by baby steps and think a red dress might be a little bit too much, then might we suggest a red nail color or a red lipstick? Brands like Essie and OPI are dominating the nail industry with colors like A-List, Fishnet Stockings, Ring in the Bling, Limited Addition, I’m Not Really A Waitress, The Thrill Of Brazil, and My Wish List Is You, respectively. If you’re wanting a classic red lipstick, might we suggest Mac, Dior, and drugstore-favorite Maybelline.

Red Dress Nails

Red Hair Wigs

If red is on your mind for hair color but you’re not quite ready to take the leap into permanent redhead status, extensions and wigs might be just what you’re looking for. In fact, despite what you might think, it doesn’t require a special occasion to don a wig or rock some colorful extensions. Celebrities have been making waves as of late with their decision to opt for wigs and extensions in their daily lives.

And, hey, if celebrities can do it, why can’t we? Shop Red Wigs! Additionally, if permanently dying your hair is something you are considering, purchasing a wig and/or extensions in the color you’re thinking about is the perfect way to - quite literally - try the color on and see if you like it. Best case scenario: you do. Worst case scenario: you don’t - and you've saved yourself from harming your natural hair! It’s a win-win!

Red Pixie Wig

Swing by Ellen Wille


Thanks to celebrities and social media, inspiration is literally all around us. So if you’re still unsure of how or when to wear red, just take to Pinterest or Instagram or pick up the latest fashion magazine. While red might seem like a big step, we promise you've got this! Be bold. Be beautiful. And rock that red

How are you rocking red this year?

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