Curtain Bangs are Back!

Curtain Bangs are Back!

It’s official: social media has brought back bangs! This past fall, the powers that be TikTok influencers decided to bring back curtain bangs and the trend has been raging since.
The hashtag #curtainbangs currently has almost 300 million views. There are hundreds of spinoffs too, including #curtainbangstutorial and #howtostylecurtainbangs. I just watched a video where a girl gave herself curtain bangs with a used razor. Seriously!
If you aren’t familiar, curtain bangs are borrowed from the 1960s. They are a style of hair fringe that falls to the cheekbones on either side of the face. The middle of the face and forehead is left bang-free for a look like a curtain opening.
Curtain bangs aren’t the only look we have nabbed from the 60s. The straight-across wispy bangs popular in that decade are making a serious comeback all over Instagram and other social media channels.
Clearly, bangs are the new hot look, but let’s face it - they are a big commitment. Actually chopping hair for bangs is easy, but it’s the aftermath. If you hate the look of them, you’re facing months of growing your hair out. If you do like them and keep them, then you’ll need to style them daily and get regular trims.
None of the above is true about clip in bangs though. You can take the commitment out of it with some faux bangs. Such hairpieces can be attached to healthy biological hair or can even be clipped onto a wig, but we do strongly recommend asking a professional to do so. This will help protect your wig.
If you’d like to check out clip in bangs, below are some of our most popular options!

Chameleon by Raquel Welch

Looking for the bold straight across bangs? This Raquel Welch clip in gives you the retro look of the 60s with an updated razored edge. To switch it up, this piece is easy to style into the curtain bang or even a side-swept one.
The Chameleon is a clip in and topper combination. While it gives you the look of bangs, it also adds volume and coverage to the crown of your head. If you plan to wear this piece on your biological hair, it can help disguise any hair thinning.

easiFringe (HD) by EasiHair

If you want to jump on the curtain bangs train, this Easihair piece is for you. This beautiful synthetic piece frames the face. This framing really livens up a messy bun or ponytail! If you’d like to style this piece, it is made with heat-friendly synthetic fiber.
This Easihair clip-in is also a topper. A topper can be worn with either biological hair or a wig. Again, though, we recommend hiring a professional to attach any additional pieces to a wig.

True by Ellen Wille

Ellen Wille’s clip-in bangs are a face-framing look that can pull of any bang style. True is made of a blend of human and synthetic hair, giving you the best of both worlds. It is heat-resistant so feel free to bring out the curling iron!
The piece attaches to the hair with three pressure-sensitive clips, making it a snap to use!

Fringe Flair by Amore

This is another piece for the curtain bang seekers. This clip-on synthetic bang can change your look instantly!

The curtain part of the fringe measures 9.5 inches. While this gives additional side coverage, you may need to trim it to match the length of your own hair or wig.

Are you looking to try clip-in bangs in this new year? Tell us your fringy feelings in the comments!


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