Dare To Be by Raquel Welch Has Arrived... And It's Fabulous!

Dare To Be by Raquel Welch Has Arrived... And It's Fabulous!

If you've worn Raquel for long, you've gotten used to catching people’s eye with your gorgeous tresses. But the time has come to take your style up a notch and trust us, we've got just the wig.

Dare To Be Is Everything We Love About Wigs!

Pastel Pink Wig

Featuring a polished, tapered bob cut with subtle textured layers, Dare To Be is designed frame your face and make you feel like a goddess. And if that doesn’t convince you, maybe the lace front and monofilament cap construction will! But that’s just the tip of the iceberg with this wig!

Dare To Be is all about the color. This gorgeous style is a daring dusky pink color with darker roots. And it's dripping with conservative edge that has us just wanting more! Perhaps its the sultry dark pink hue, or the contrasting reserved cut, but something's for sure. This wig is selling fast!

Pastel hair colors have been the hottest trend for the past couple of years and we love that Raquel Welch has taken that, and delivered it to wig wearers with a class only she can achieve. 

In addition to being totally stunning and equipped with all the best features, Dare To Be has even more to give. With this new wig you’ll skip the harsh processing of biological hair that’s required to get this hue with dyes. And you know how much we love versatility, so perhaps the thing we love most is that this style can be work by all ages, just match it to your personality and make it your own!

The heat friendly synthetic hair makes it easy to do just that. Wear it wavy, curly or pin straight and this style will bring just the right amount of fun to the table.




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The Wig Experts

The Wig Experts

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