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Date Night Hairstyles

Posted on January 11 2018

The days have been long, and you've worked very hard. The time has come to relax, unwind, love, and get your style on. Check out these top 5 hairstyles for date night that will turn heads and commence the romance.

1. The Twisted Bun

The twisted bun—an unsung hero of hairstyles— made the list because of its versatility and chicness. It really is not that difficult to style, and these days most folks prefer it a little messy. Also, the regal twisted bun is the perfect way to style your hair if you haven't washed it in a couple of days—taking your look from time-crunched to luxurious. Add dry shampoo to your hair to create texture and increase holding ability. Next, either part your hair or pull it back and make two sections—just as if you were about to put pigtails in your hair. Overlap those two sections together creating a sturdy loop-through tie. Begin coiling one section while strategically pinning the tresses to the secured knot. The other mass of hair should be like a hanging ponytail. Repeat the coiling and pinning process with the other portion of hair. Voila! You have an elegant, refined hairstyle making your date wonder if you're European royalty.


PLF 006HM by Louis Ferre


2. Voluminous Curls

Do you want some serious romance with your honey? The recommendation—(based on anecdotes of women everywhere)—is voluminous curls. You deserve some time for yourself. Perhaps the kids, work, exercise, the new puppy, housecleaning, travel are obstacles to styling your hair with a curling iron, hairspray, and hair gloss—the essentials. A much-needed date is a perfect excuse to set aside 2 hours and doll up. After washing and blow-drying hair, take a curling iron and roll hair away from your face. Only curl from the tip to about eye-level. If you have bangs or side bangs, wind those puppies up from top to bottom. Turn your hair upside-down and douse your hair with hairspray. Finish your hair off with high-gloss serum and forcefully pull the product through your curls. If you wear your hair up most of the time, your partner won't know what hit them once they see you and your sexy coif.


Voluminous Curls | Load by Ellen WilleLoad by Ellen Wille


3. Modern Sleek Tresses

Another option—especially for longer hair—is a super straight hairstyle. Typically better parted in the middle, straightened hair is a go-to for first dates. It shows you're able to put yourself together and are organized. Very simple to achieve, just run a flat-iron from top to bottom. You can sweep products like heat-protectants before you straighten or use a high-shine serum afterward to complete the sleek hairstyle - We recommend the Heat Treat Thermal Spray from Jon Renau and the Shine Serum from BeautiMark. Good luck on your first date!

Blake by Jon Renau

Blake by Jon Renau


4. The Low Bun

The low bun also made the list because of its alluring appeal. This hairstyle is a must for off-the-shoulder ensembles. Imagine a low bun accompanying a flowy dress for a date by the beach. One thing is for sure—your hair will stay in place when properly styled. Take your hair into three equal sections. With a hair tie, fasten the middle part into a ponytail and then invert. Take the other two portions and pull through the inside-out-ponytail, and then repeat with the dangling pieces. Secure with some hairpins, and you've armed yourself with a whimsical hairstyle to enchant anyone.


Modern Chignon by HairdoModern Chignon by HairDo


5.  Wavy Textured Tindrells—Excellent for Shorter Hair

For those that have bobs, lobs, or something in between—(mobs?)—it might be more of a challenge to sport the low bun, twisted bun, curled mop, and other hairstyles. That's why waves might be your best friend—especially for date night. This tousled look is all the rage with celebrities. Kate Hudson, Kendall Jenner, Kelly Rowland all paired this low-maintenance hairstyle with sophisticated looks. Great for business casual cool or elevated Hollywood glam, short hair with waves is a fun hairstyle making you memorable.

 Wavy Hair | Jennifer by Jon Renau

 Jennifer by Jon Renau


Date nights are your opportunity to feel great about yourself. Take the extra second to try one of these hairstyles. So, put on that lipstick, wear that sexy outfit, and bring your hair to the next level.

Which hairstyle are you going to try next date night?
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