Difference Between Wig and Toupee

Difference Between Hair Toppers and Wigs

Halloween, Mardi Gras, Weddings, Date Nights, or just because—wigs are always in style. Its' cousin, the top piece, also can be in style for any occasion! Read more to learn about the differences between a wig and a top piece, and also why people use them for various reasons.


Hair Toppers for Thinning Hair


Wigs Cover the Whole Head

Wigs are hair pieces that cover the whole head. The synthetic or human hair strands are sewn into a circular mesh base. The strands can be different lengths to create different layers; curled, straightened, or dyed. There’s so much variety with wigs. The only thing that remains the same between wigs is the full coverage achieved when placed on the head.



Hair Toppers: What Are They?

Top pieces—or hair toppers—clip into the hair at top of the head. It’s a like mini wig with pins or clips to securely fasten to hair close to the base of the scalp. They do not cover the whole head and, therefore, do not hide natural locks. Toppers are great for adding layers to hair and giving hair that va va voom look. (Pro-tip: Add a high-end topper to a fabulous updo. You won’t be able to keep up with the compliments!) Top pieces also make great accessories for people who want bangs every now and then.




Who Should Wear Hair Toppers and Wigs?

As fun as wigs and toppers are, there is a community that really benefits from their  use—women, in particular, who experience female hair loss. There is a variety of reasons women experience hair loss. Unlike male hair loss, female hair loss is unpatterned. It really just looks like thinning hair. Some parts of the scalp might have more concentrated hair loss than others, but the majority of the time, the strands just look too few and far between with female hair loss.


Thinning Hair—Especially on the Crown 

Stress, lupus, hormonal decline, and a really toxic environment can cause telogen effluvium. Telogen effluvium is when the majority of hair follicles are in a resting state and not attached to blood vessels. Hair looks brittle, thin, and sparse. This type of hair loss is usually reversible with time or intervention. More noticeable at the top of the head, a topper or top piece might be the perfect fix for a woman that needs to cover a patchy or thin hair on the scalp. Telogen effluvium is most noticeable at the crown of the head because of the light, angle, and the part of hair.


Toppers for Complete Hair Regrowth

Women who undergo chemotherapy might choose a hair piece during the time of hair regrowth. Hair regrowth after chemotherapy grows back fine and randomized. A wig will cover the whole scalp, and you can have fun with it. Ever wanted a purple bob? Go for it. You can switch it out for a chic snow-white color with long straight locks. Wigs are such a great way to reflect different moods.

Whether you’re taking a vacation to Vegas or adding some self-assurance, wigs and top pieces are great tools to spice up looks. They add versatility to your style—perhaps, some mystery too. Don’t be afraid to add some to your collection for fun, confidence, or any other reason. Enjoy!


Do you prefer wigs, toppers or both? 


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