Does human hair blend look like human hair?

MARCH 7, 2023

Combining the Best of Both!

Yes, human hair blend wigs and human hair blend toppers look just like real hair. The beauty is that they’re the best of both worlds, combining qualities of both human hair and synthetic fibers that people have come to love.

They’re a mixture of human hair and heat friendly synthetic fibers which can be curled and styled the same way you would your own hair. 

Holds style better than human Hair!

They hold style better than 100% human hair and come at a lower cost, making them a more budget-friendly option for those who can’t quite afford human hair prices.

You can also expect a longer lifespan than 100% synthetic hair because blends are often more resilient and less prone to fiber damage. With the right care, they can last several months longer.

In summary, human hair blends offer an even more natural look than their 100% synthetic counterparts, providing you with a gorgeous head of hair that looks and feels just like your own. 

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