Ellen Wille… 50 years at the Top!

Ellen Wille… 50 years at the Top!

Ellen Wille is a European icon for hair design. This award-winning brand exhibits everything from modern flair to classic style. Ellen Wille is the number one European brand, and is now quickly climbing the charts in the US as well! Known for chic couture haircuts and styles, they are changing the way women in the US look at wigs. With a more natural density, these wigs are so much more natural looking and the feel and movement are incredible. Attention to detail is what made Ellen Wille famous in the European market. That same high quality focus is why this brand is quickly becoming a high demand product here too!


Short Brown Wig by Ellen Wille


Stunning European Wigs

Ellen Wille styles boast something for everyone. The Perucci collection is known for its trendy, easy style that makes great hair affordable for everyone. Hair Power are Ellen’s signature pieces that are stunningly natural and a classic design. The Pure Power collection is the human hair wig crème of the crop! Her innovative Prime Power hair is the perfect blend of synthetic hair and human hair to bring the best of both worlds into each style. And lastly, the 2017 launch of Hair Society brought styles specifically designed for women with severe hair loss to give the best fit and most secure comfort on the market. 


Short Brown Curly Lce Front Wigs


Ellen Wille came to the US market due to the demand for a more natural look in wigs. In just a few short years, this brand has taken the wig industry by storm. 50 years of perfecting her craft has paid off in developing the most natural looks we have ever seen! Many feel that when it comes to the amount of hair in a wig, less is more! It used to be that wigs needed lots of hair to cover up the scalp area of the wig, and all of the wefts it takes to make up a wig. The innovations in wig cap design have brought wigs into a new era where the scalp, part, and front hairline look completely natural. This is due to a monofilament process that gives the exact look of natural hair growth coming directly from your scalp! Now, you don’t need all of that hair to cover up sewn together wefts, you can get hair that looks more natural and healthy than your own bio hair could ever be!


Layered Blonde Wig by Ellen Wille


Ellen Wille understands the need to have both a beautiful and natural look, and a fluid movement in your hair. She is committed to providing something for everyone. Human Hair wigs and synthetic wigs alike are the focus in every collection. Her goal is for women around the world to find an avenue to confidence by wearing her styles. Go from short hair to long hair and feel secure that no one will notice you have a wig on! Whether you need a wig or just want one to make your life easy and fun, Ellen Wille has devoted herself to her mission of bringing beautiful hair to anyone who wants it!


Short Brown Wig by Ellen Wille on Wigs.com


Congratulations Ellen Wille… we are glad you came to play!


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