Ellen Wille’s Color Philosophy Explained

Ellen Wille’s Color Philosophy Explained

Drive by Ellen Wille in Cherry Red Mix


For more than 50+ years, Ellen Wille continues to be one of the greatest alternative hair innovators of our generation.  She approaches her design and innovation unlike any other designer and manufacturer in the business.  Ellen is meticulous and a perfectionist when it comes to designing each wig, hair topper and hair piece.  Each wig is colored the way it would be if she was a famous hair stylist, painting each strand like she is an artist.  Unlike other designers, each style has the perfect color distribution based on the style.  Even if it is the same color name and color combination as another style, the color distribution will be slightly different making each style and color customized to her standard of perfection.  

Here is a great example:  You make an appointment at your favorite salon or wig shop near you. You ask for blonde highlights during your consultation. What if the hair stylist begins applying the same color formulation and highlight placement as the two clients in the chairs to the left and right of you without considering your hair style, hair texture or skin tone?  Assuming you aren’t triplets, and wanting the exact same style, you are probably going to be disappointed! This is because hair color is both an art and science. Before your color is formulated and applied, many factors are considered. For example; your hair length, curl pattern, layers, fringe, and highlight placement, etc.

Let's assume these are three different salon clients (in the pictures above), each was given blonde highlights as requested, but the final color was artistically created to enhance their individual attributes.  

This is exactly how Ellen Wille designs each of her styles. Every style has its own “consultation” with Ellen Wille herself as she customizes color, placement, and tone for each one of her wigs, hair toppers and hair pieces. Color will vary depending on the individual style, thus giving you the ultimate salon color experience in each wig and hair topper she creates! 

Many of us are visual learners, so here are some examples of some of our bestsellers in the “same” color.  Each image below is an example of Sandy Blonde Rooted in different styles (Ellen Wille Wanted, Girl Mono and Turn).  See the slight variance of color dependent on the style, just as we saw in the salon examples?

Since Ellen Wille takes such a salon-inspired approach to color, we provide the color breakdowns in the form of numbers. The color numbers illustrate the variance you see. Every color in the alternative hair industry is assigned a number and that number lives within a color family.  While technically each one is “sandy blonde,” each one has a slightly different tone woven in.  The differences to some may be subtle and to others may be more obvious, but to Ellen the combination is perfect for the style.  While some of us may want it to be more of a perfect science, most of us appreciate the time and love Ellen puts into every single style.  Who doesn't want to look like they just walked out of a salon?

Color Family Chart

Basic Color Chart

Ellen Wille Color Ring

Color Distribution Glossary

Now let’s review the color distribution key now that you know which colors will be used. This will guide you in understanding color placement based on the color name.


Ex: Chocolate Mix - All colors are mixed with an even distribution of all the colors being used throughout the style. 



Ex: Cream Blonde Shaded - A mixed color with a darker root throughout the entire style mimics natural regrowth.



Ex: Chocolate Lighted - A mixed color with a concentrated amount of highlighting in the front to open and brighten up the face-framing area.



Ex: Candy Blonde Tipped - Lighter tipped ends, similar to an ombre effect.



Ex: Champagne Toned - A root applied only to the top and crown area of the style. 



In addition to the distribution, some colors will also be darker, lighter, or more warm-toned. 


DARK = more lowlights

Ex: Dark Chocolate Mix - A darker variation of a mixed color made darker overall by using the darkest color as the most dominant, creating additional depth. Creates the illusion of lowlights on the original mixed color. 


LIGHT =  more highlights

Light Champagne Rooted - A lighter and brighter variation of a mixed color made lighter overall by using the lightest color as the most dominant, creating a lighter effect. 


HOT = more warmth + bold highlights

Ex: Hot Mocca Rooted - A warmer aviation of a mixed color made more vibrant overall by using the warmest color as the most dominant with bold highlights, creating a warm effect. Found primarily in red and auburn colors.


Bringing it all together!  Now that you understand Ellen Wille's color philosophy, basic colors, and color distribution you can determine a color based on the color code.  Still not sure?  Book a Complimentary Video Consultation with one of our Experts!  We would love to help you. 



Hi Judy,

We understand finding the right color can be tricky (especially reds)! To better assist you, we would recommend a virtual consultation. We know shopping online and wondering if it’s fitting can be challenging, and based on the part of the process you are on, you would be the perfect candidate for a virtual consultation. This free premier service we now offer will help us better serve your needs! Virtual consultations allow you to do a one-on-one zoom with one of our experts. This allows us better to address your concerns, review styles and color options, and answer any questions you may have. If this is something you are interested in, let us know, and we will gladly set up a time to meet with you. You may also book online by using the link below:


Please contact our customer service team Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 6:30 pm CST, if you need further assistance. Call TOLL-FREE 1-800-581-2001

The Wig Experts

Hi Judy,

If you click on the link below, you can browse toppers that have a white color option (color number 60):


We also offer virtual consultations with our experts to get face-to-face assistance with selection over a video call! You can sign up for the free service by clicking on the link below:


We hope this helps! If you need further assistance, please contact us Monday – Friday, 8 am – 6:30 pm CT.


The Wig Experts

The Wig Experts

I wish more of their wigs came in these colors. Often limited colors.

Jo A Cole

I wish you made it easier to shop by color. I have a tough time with the reds. I was born a redhead but with age it’s not as red as it use to be. At 74 very little grey but some red still showing. My shade of red is copper.


Would love more non-rooted colors👍🏼


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