Enhance Your Style with Hair Additions

Enhance Your Style with Hair Additions

Quick! What’s the easiest way to experiment with different hairstyles, damage-free? It doesn’t involve scissors or hair dye. While those are certainly ways to achieve a new look, they aren’t quick - or reversible. Hair additions, however, are a safe and fast way to change up your look. 
Hair additions, often called hair extensions, are a quick and easy way to change up your look and to add length and volume. These pieces can be glued on or sewn, but nothing is as easy as a clip-in. These pieces can be worn on biological hair, in combination with a hair topper, or even with a wig.
Why would someone add extensions to a wig? There are a few reasons. A wig wearer may experiment with extensions before investing in a long wig. Perhaps a customer bought their dream wig, but it lacks the density they want. In that case, hair additions can add the desired volume.
If you’d like to try out some additions to your wig, you need to stick with clip-in extensions. They won’t damage your wig like glue or sewing. Here’s a helpful tip: attach the extensions while your wig is on a mannequin head or a wig stand. Trying to put them on while wearing the wig can be tricky. It’s just impossible to see the back of your own head properly.
Hair additions can also be paired with hair toppers. Toppers are pieces clipped-in to the crown of the head. Since toppers are usually utilized by those experiencing hair loss, hair additions can add volume while the topper disguises hair thinning. Of course, the pieces aren’t limited to those wearing toppers - they are for everyone looking for subtle volume.
When it comes to hair additions, at Wigs.com, we love easiPieces by Jon Renau. easiPieces are made with high-quality Remy human hair for the most natural look. Each piece has a polyurethane base. Don’t be alarmed by the term - this just means the base is slender and undetectable. These factors are vital when you’re trying to seamlessly match up your own hair, a hair topper, and wigs.

If you like the idea of easiPieces, keep in mind that they are intended to add volume, not length. Jon Renau recommends uses 4 to 6 wefts of its easiPieces to achieve the best volume. If you’d like to try a layered volume look, using different lengths. For example, pair the 8-inch lengths with 16-inch lengths. Layers can add depth to even fine hair.
If you would like to play with some length, you’ll want to check out extensions. Some of our top best-sellers come from the brand Hairdo. Hairdo has so many options, including a jaw-dropping 18-inch extension kit. If you’ve never applied clip-in extensions, it could not be easier. Check out our video on the process!

Have you tried out hair additions? If not, did this post tempt you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments or discuss hair additions with fellow wig wearers on our forum!

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