Ellen Wille's Hair Society Wigs for Hair Loss Launches!

Ellen Wille's Hair Society Wigs for Hair Loss Launches!


Ellen Wille is known worldwide for her attention to detail in offering the very best handcrafted wigs and hairpieces.  Her goal in the Hair Society Collection is to serve a market that she believes is underserved, the woman with severe or total hair loss.  Many women experiencing total hair loss have a very sensitive scalp which benefits from a softer and more secure wig cap. 


Brown Long Bob Wig by Ellen Wille


Hair Society wigs are super comfortable, all wigs are petite or petite average in size and 100% handmade, with a gorgeous and virtually undetectable lace front hairline.  The movement of the wigs are so natural and the density makes sure your wig NEVER looks wiggy!   They made from a are high grade synthetic fiber that mimics the look and feel of human hair but are much lighter and cooler for daily wear. 


Long Blonde Lace Front Wig by Ellen Wille Wigs


This luxury collection by Ellen Wille celebrates an impeccable cap design that is crafted with the finest medical grade materials.  The movement is incredible and just like bio hair! 


Short Blonde Human Hair Wig by Ellen Wille


All the Hair Society wig styles feature a flawless monofilament cap or part.  Monofilament is the art of hand tying the hair fibers in to the soft mesh material to give the appearance the hair is growing straight out of the scalp and the movement allows versatility in styling. 

These gorgeous styles are classic, but oh-so modern as they are among the most requested haircuts in all the high-end salons across the globe!


Straight Dark Brown Wig by Ellen Wille


Ellen Wille has released 7 new Hair Society styles that is sure to offer something for everyone. It has only been a few days in to the US launch, and we are already seeing some stars emerge from the collection (Affair, Icone, Aura, and Fortune). Of course they are all beautiful and each with their own advantages. You will absolutely LOVE them!


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I am the middle child of 7 and I have had alopecia since age 7 , I just turned 63. I have been wearing wigs as far back as I can remember. Going to NYC. black wig shops, ordering thru catalogs. Specialists…. my mom tried so hard when I was a child but options were few and expensive. She also took me to several doctors and topical hair lotions and creams. I always felt guilty for having to spend money my parents didn’t have. I found wigs.com about 5 years ago and I am like a kid in a candy shop. I favor Ellen Wiley, but have a variety. So I thank you for the new world you opened up to me. My mom always told me I should make wigs “my thing!” I wish I had felt this comfortable in my own skin years ago my mom would have been so proud. I wish she could see me now 💕 Keep up the great work

Pamela A Patsey

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