Our Favorite Estetica Design Wigs!

Our Favorite Estetica Design Wigs!

In 1979, Estetica Designs jumped into the wig market with a SPLASH! Bringing classically timeless hairpieces and wigs along with cutting edge styles and colors, Estetica wigs has an offering for everyone.

Their innovations in cap constructions is one of the many reasons why we love their wigs! They developed and trademarked the Pure Stretch Cap. This cap design allows the cap to stretch the entire perimeter of the head without any pressure points, making their wigs more comfortable and easier to wear.

If you’d like to add a new wig to your daily routine, check out our favorite picks below! To see all of our Estetica wigs, click here


Jamison by Estetica
Jamison is a classic yet so trendy. This A-line bob from Estetica is the easiest way I can think of to look instantly posh. The monofilament part creates the most natural looking part.

As a hair stylist myself, I have cut this style so many times I could do it with my eyes closed. Why am I telling you this? Because it truly proves the timelessness of this style. The colors available are all fantastic! You cannot go wrong with one (or two or three) of this wig.


Sutton by Estetica
Sutton may be as classic as it gets. The straight medium length bob will never go out of style. A bob like this is supposed to look effortlessly perfect. Lucky for you, wearing a wig in this style makes that part even easier! It is a fantastic choice for a new and experienced wig wearer. 


Orchid by Estetica

Orchid by Estetica is a long-layered wig with beautiful waves and texture all around.

This style has tousled face framing layers that compliment every face shape. The Orchid wig can be worn up or down and still look naturally beautiful.


Avalon by Estetica

What a sexy style! Avalon is a gorgeous wavy style in just the right length! The natural fall of this wig is soft and flowing!  Avalon has the perfect amount of thickness and volume for a healthy look and effortless style.

This wig comes in many fun colors, it is hard to pick just one! So, don’t!



Jessica by Estetica

Jessica is a stylish, spunky, and fun wig for women who love curls and volume.

It boasts beautiful soft spiral curls and a straight fringe. Jessica is a perfect mix of soft curls and fullness that falls without looking thin or limp. The Pure Stretch Cap on this style makes the wig easy and comfortable to wear.


Whether you need a wig due to medical issues or you just want a stylish new hairstyle, Estetica has a look for every style and need!

Let us know your experiences with Estetica wigs in the comments or on our forum!

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