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Fun with Wigs: Let’s Get Colorful

We all know styles come and go, but a recent trend is one we all need to get behind. Right now, funky-colored hair is hot. While blonde and brunette will never go out of style, anyone who is anyone is rocking a pastel or even neon hue!
There are so many reasons to opt for a colorful wig. It can add some fun to your everyday look. It can express your personality and creativity. Plus, if you don’t want to try a crazy color on your own biological hair, you can try it out with a wig, damage-free!
If this fun bandwagon is one you’d like to hop on, check out our favorite colorful wigs from our best-selling brands below!

Jon Renau

Always on top of the trends, Jon Renau has released their Artic Color Collection. This set of hues bring together creamy pastels with light summery tones. 

  • Flurry - a pewter lilac
  • Frost - a pearly, barely blushing pink
  • Glacier - a bright, icy blue
  • Storm- a sharp silver
  • Sleet - a luminescent platinum

If you recognize the below wigs, don’t be surprised! The styles below are so popular that the brand decided to add fun colors to the color selection. 


Miranda by Jon Renau

Miranda by Jon Renau

Miranda is a beloved Jon Renau piece. Long layers flow past the shoulder while a SmartLace front gives the look of a natural hairline. This is a synthetic wig that will ready-to-wear right out of the box, which is great because if you order this beauty in one of the new Arctic Colors, you won’t want to wait to wear it! Just look at the Miranda in Frost or Glacier! 

Kristen by Jon Renau

Kristen by Jon Renau
Kristen gives you the Arctic Color choice, with a no-fuss length. This mid-length bob is not only flattering, but it’s also incredibly comfortable. Still, you’ll be turning some serious heads when you rock this look in the Flurry shade.

Rene of Paris

Rene of Paris is another brand bringing on the fun! The brand actually has so many fun color options already. You’ll love the below Rene of Paris styles in the brand’s own colorful selections.

Breezy Wavez by Rene of Paris

Breezy Wavez by Rene of Paris
This wig may be limited in color options, but it does pack a punch. Check out the rooted colors for this wig! Dusty-Rose is a deep coral with brown roots. Frozen Sapphire is an icy blue with indigo roots. For a little lilac, look at Lunar Haze. Cosmic Teal is, you guessed it, a teal base with black lowlights. Don’t forget about Smoky Forest! The forest green shade is a winner.

Evanna by Rene of Paris

Evanna by Rene of Paris
Evanna is another Rene of Paris wig that is sure to delight, color-wise. The Melted Ocean hue is a bright blue that gives off serious mermaid vibes, while the Pastel Blue is a delicate periwinkle blend.


Last but certainly not least, we have Noriko. Noriko is a bold brand that strives to be innovative and its fun hues certainly fit the bill.

Taylor by Noriko

Taylor by Noriko
Looking for a long bob style in bold colors? Say hello to Taylor! This wig is available in several colorful looks, including Mango Sunrise, an orange root with bright neon gold strands. Plumberry Jam-R may be more, well, your jam with its plum and red ombre.

Will you be taking the plunge with a fun colored wig? Tell us which hue you’re dying to try in the comments!


Hi Leah,

We have several styles with colorful options in petite and petite/average cap sizes. We provided a link below for you to view those:


We hope this was helpful!

The Wig Experts

The Wig Experts

I really wish there were more colorful options for petite sizes :(

Leah Wall

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