Hair Pieces for the top of Your Head

Hair Pieces for the Top of Your Head

Thinning Hair and Hair Toppers

One of the reasons women often invest in a hair topper is to address the common occurrence of thinning hair, which can be the result of genetics, aging, hormonal changes from pregnancy or menopause, chemotherapy or radiation, and even just plain stress. 


Hair Toppers by Jon Renau for Thinning Hair

Hair Toppers for the beginning stages of hair loss



Over 40 million women struggle with thinning hair in the U.S. alone; that’s 1 in every 4 women and that’s a lot of us. If you’re experiencing thinning hair, know that you’re not alone and that there are simple and affordable solutions to address any insecurities brought about by your thinning hair. To hear real stories from real women about their thinning hair and how they dealt with it, check out our One Woman Stories.

Another great reason to buy a hair topper is to give your hair and self esteem a well-deserved boost by adding a little volume to your hair. Volumizing hair pieces are the perfect solution, offering you all the volume and none of the commitment or damage of permanent hair extensions.

An Alternative Solution for Hair Loss

While full wigs serve as the ultimate solution for generalized and advanced hair loss, many of us only require coverage in specific areas of hair loss, and choosing to wear a wig can feel like an overwhelming and not completely necessary solution. For those of us who don’t require full coverage assistance, a hair topper is the perfect solution.

They’re quick, easy to use, and stay in place. Hair toppers effortlessly snap in to place with pressure sensitive clips and naturally blend in with your own hair. Many styles even include a monofilament feature, which creates the look of natural hair growth at the hair-part. In a few easy steps you can find the perfect hair topper for you.

Finding Your Topper Match

Determining the right clip in human hair topper is essential to getting the naturally gorgeous and effortless look we know you deserve. When considering different volumizing hair pieces, it is important to establish not only what level of hair loss you are currently experiencing, but also where the majority of your hair loss is occuring. 

Begin by determining what level of hair loss you have. offers an in-depth guide to help you determine your level of hair loss and even provides you with product options to help you find the right hair topper for you.

Once you’ve established your level of hair loss, decide which type of hair topper fit your needs. Hair pieces for women with thinning hair come in a variety of coverage options including full, partial, and frontal coverage to fit your personal needs. Hair pieces for women with thinning hair also come in both human and synthetic versions to accommodate your specific needs. Clip in human hair toppers provide a highly natural look, and can be treated, styled, and cared for just as you would your natural hair.

Hair pieces for women with thinning hair also come in synthetic versions. These volumizing hair pieces often appear so natural that it can be difficult to discern a difference from natural human hair. One of the benefits in choosing a synthetic hair topper is that it can be worn directly out-of-the-box and doesn’t require the styling or maintenance that clip in human hair toppers sometimes can.

Have some fun while choosing the different types, colors, and lengths of your hair toppers. By following these simple steps to finding the right hair topper, you will be rocking full and natural looking locks in no time at all!


What Hair Topper is your favorite? 



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Please know that you would use toppers based on your level of hair loss as we would not want the topper to cause more damage. If you would like to measure for your level, use the link(s) below for more information:

Using Hairpieces for Thinning Hair and Hair Loss:

Women’s Hair Loss Solutions:

If you need a more in-depth consultation, you can always provide photos of your level of hair loss and what you are looking for (length, color, style…) and if you need further assistance, please know our experts are happy to have a virtual consultation with you should you want to discuss different styles and colors or if you have any questions or concerns.

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The Wig Experts

I have ordered and received the New Addition Synthetic Top Piece (Basic Base) hair topper. Do I wear with the tag in the back?

Do you wear with the tag in the back?

My is thin in the front looking for a topper Salt & pepper hair


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