HAIR TOPPERS:  How Do I Find The Right Hair Topper?

HAIR TOPPERS: How Do I Find The Right Hair Topper?

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Hair Toppers are not easy to buy online, especially if you have never worn one before.  Your feedback continues to inspire our education content from “how to” blogs, education on product pages and most recently we added a guided digital consultation digital consultation on our site in the form of a product quiz product quiz.  Whether you are new to hair toppers or a seasoned professional whose hair loss has progressed, the product quiz can help!   Hair toppers for women can add density and fullness to fine thin hair, or pairing it with hair extensions for a more natural look to adding coverage to an area of hair loss or hair thinning.  

Taking the quiz is so easy, just answer six questions to get customized recommendations based on your answers.  One of the questions asked is what stage of hair loss you are in.  If you need more information before answering the question, please click on the question mark to the right of each image.  This pop up will include the measurement range for each stage.   

Each stage of hair loss, represents a measurement range that will narrow down the hair topper options based on which range your area of hair loss is in.  For example, the “beginning” stage measurement range is less than or equal to 5.5” (front to back) and 6.5” or less (side to side). 

The “moderate” stage measurement range is within 5.5” to 7” (front to back) and 5” to 7.28” or less (side to side).  The “advanced” stage measurement range is within 6.25” to 11.5” (front to back) and 6.25” to 11.5” or less (side to side).  The reason why this is most important is to ensure you are clipping your hair topper into stronger hair follicles that are ¾” to 1” outside your area of hair loss.  If you clip your hair topper into hair follicles that are too close or within the area of hair loss, you will likely accelerate your hair loss.   Watch this for step by step instructions:  How to Measure for Hair Toppers Video Tutorial

If you are within two stages based on your measurements, we recommend going with a base size slightly larger. 

The next step is identifying the area your hair topper will clip into.  This will be determined by your area of hair loss.  Please be sure to consider the rate in which your hair loss is progressing, if applicable.   If it is a rapid progression, meaning you are noticing big differences from one month to the next, consider going with a larger base size so you can get more time out of your topper. 

Next step is choosing your hair length.  This will be based on your current biological hair length.  Using a measuring tape, measure from your crown area to the longest part of your hair.  This measurement will determine what length range to choose.  Please keep in mind that not everyone will fall into these length categories.   It is very common for women to have their hair topper cut or styled into their biological hair.  Hair toppers for short hair, meaning women wearing short bobs to pixie cuts, choosing the short length will categorize your recommendations to hair toppers that are 8” or shorter.  Hair toppers for women with medium length hair will fall in the medium category (8.25” to 13”), your hair is probably mid-length to a bob.  Any measurements up to 13.25” is considered long.  If your measurement is longer than one of these categories, and your hair is layered, you may be able to go with the shorter measurement and have it layered into your style. Whichever length you choose, be sure to check product recommendations specifications before making your purchase

Next, it is time to choose your desired hair texture, straight  or wavy/curly.  If you want the option of both, choose one and then narrow down your results to heat friendly synthetic hair toppers

 or human hair toppers.  This will give you styling options to wear your hair topper  wavy/curly or straight.  

Then all you have to do is review the styles we recommended based on the information you shared with us, and make a decision!  Not sure you answered the questions correctly, feel free to take the quiz again.  If you are unsure if the topper(s) recommended for you are the right ones, book a complimentary video consultation with one of our experts!  We would love to help!

Choosing the perfect hair topper is only the first step.  There are other things you need to consider:  Color Matching for Hair Toppers, How to Apply Your Hair Topper, and How to Make Your Hair Topper Look Natural.  We encourage you to book a video consultation to try on your hair topper with an expert.  Our team can walk you through application and removal techniques, and give you all the tips for making it look natural!  

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