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How to Make a Hair Topper Look Natural

There are a few things to keep in mind when making your hair topper look totally natural. If you're not new to toppers, you can always use some good tips. And if you are new, you need to know where to begin! So we've made a list of the tried and true ways our topper wearing Wig Experts make their hair additions blend flawlessly.

How To Make Hair Toppers Totally Natural

First and foremost, make sure you get the right topper for your coverage needs. You need to know how much hair loss you need to conceal, so grab a measuring tape. Measure the area side to side and record the number. When you’re browsing toppers, you will need to keep an eye out for pieces that are more than a quarter of an inch longer you measured.

For example, if you have an area of 5 inches you need to cover, Top Billing with Raquel Welch will work for you. The base of this topper is 6.5 inches, so it more than covers your 5-inch space.

Why wouldn’t you just buy a 5-inch topper? Good question! Toppers need to attach to healthy strong hair. By giving that extra leeway, you can make sure the pressure sensitive clips of the piece are attaching to strong hair beyond the hair loss area.

Dial Down The Shine

Now that you have your perfect topper, it’s time to wear it, right? Almost, but you have a few more steps. Human hair naturally has a shine, but hairpieces can be too shiny, especially synthetic. If your topper has an unnatural sheen to it, it will be obvious it’s not your own hair.

Washing the topper will help, but it will take more than just one wash. For a quick fix, try sprinkling on baby powder or cornstarch. What’s even easier than that? Dry shampoo! I bet you have some of that sitting in your bathroom cabinet right now, so spray down your topper!

Blend, Blend, Blend

Toppers usually need to be trimmed. This step may require a professional. You can always DIY it if you’re brave enough! I’m not that confident in my abilities with a pair of scissors, so I call in an expert.

Toppers come in varying lengths, anywhere from 3 inches to over 20 inches. You’ll probably have to lose some length, especially if you go with a long topper. Plus, if your own hair has layers, you’ll want your topper to match.

Work with your stylist to find how you’d like to style and part the topper. Once you have that all set, decide what needs to be changed. Does the topper need to be thinned out at the bottom? Do you need layers?

Wear it!

It is finally time! It’s time to wear the topper! You will want to make sure to attach it properly. Most users like to clip toppers right onto the edge of their hairline, but that’s a personal choice. If you feel like it looks more natural, you can clip your topper a little bit behind the hairline and let some of your biological hair peek out.

Once you have it all clipped in, you can style it along with your biological hair, if it’s heat-friendly. Once you’re all styled, take a long look in the mirror. Check out different angles. You can even break out a hand mirror to take a look at the back of your head. Now is the time to make adjustments if necessary. Once you’re confident, go ahead and take on the world!

Do you have any other tips on how to make your topper look natural? Let us know in the comments!

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