NEW Fantasy Color Wigs by Hairdo

NEW Fantasy Color Wigs by Hairdo

Most years, April showers bring May flowers. This year though, Hairdo decided to give us better than that. April is bringing us new styles from Hairdo!
Hairdo is a brand known for pushing the envelope on style. Their pieces are far from boring, and fans cannot get enough of them! Neither can we.
This crop of looks has Hairdo branching out. Each piece on this list includes special features for the first time! Namely, each wig on this list has a flawless lace front and a directional monofilament part. Oh, and hello - look at these colors!

Blonde & Blooming

Blonde & Blooming 

First up, we have an on-trend Ombre dip style. It’s a cool platinum blonde that blooms into a pink and purple dip dye. The style is a bold angled bob that hits below the shoulders. Specifically, it’s about 15” in length.
As mentioned, this wig has a natural-looking lace front for the illusion of a true hairline. To add to that look, the centered monofilament part gives the look of real roots!
While you can’t change the part on this piece, it is made from heat-friendly synthetic so you can heat-style to your heart’s desire! We recommend using thermal styling tools set at 270° F - 280° F.


It's Always Sunny

It's Always Sunny 

It’s always sunny in this wig - or at least you’ll feel like it! Tell me how you can feel like anything else except a powerful boss babe in this bright yellow wig.
Are you looking for an experiment in a bold out-of-this-world color? Go ahead and compete with the sun itself in this Hairdo wig.  

It can take the heat as well, thanks to its Tru2Life Heat Friendly Synthetic. The wig comes ready-to-wear in a sleek straight style but looks devastatingly cool with some easy waves. We recommend using thermal styling tools set at 270° F - 280° F.


Lavendar Frose  

If you only have eyes for long wigs, then stop right here. Of all Hairdo’s new releases, this is the longest piece in the collection. You’ll be turning heads with this gorgeous 23” synthetic wig.
The name comes from a frosty frose, or frozen rose wine. I’d say it’s fair to assume that’s where the color inspiration for this look came from. This tasty pink color is the right balance of sweet and daring.
Of course, this look completes with a lace front and monofilament center part. It arrives to you with the pictured beachy waves, but you can straighten the heat-friendly tresses for a different look. We recommend using thermal styling tools set at 270° F - 280° F.


Mane Flame

Is anyone else getting Poison Ivy vibes? With Harley Quinn in every DC movie, where’s her pal Poison? Maybe you’ll be the one to bring back her style in this Hairdo wig.
Mane Flame breaks the center part mold with a left side monofilament part which is so flattering. 
While it’s not as long as the previous Lavender Frose, Mane Flame comes in a very close second. If you need length and want to join the redheads, this is for you. This wig can be heat styled using thermal styling tools set at 270° F - 280° F.


What about you? Which of these wigs just jumped to the top of your “must-have” list? Share with us in the comments - or discuss with fellow wig-wearers in our forum!

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Wow, you have listed fabulous hairstyles and colors to experiment with wigs. I’m down for the road to try out different wig hairstyles with shades.

I haven’t tried colorful hair on my wig, so now I will try out the lavender frost for my new look.

kim paul

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