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Heat-Friendly Synthetic Wig Tips

Heat-friendly synthetic wigs are the best of both worlds because you have the styling versatility of human hair but the staying power you expect from synthetic wigs. Check out our tips on how to get the most out of your heat-friendly synthetic wigs, and see the video below for visual assistance.

Styling Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair

Never go above the manufacturer’s recommended temperature limit. 

Every heat-friendly synthetic wig has a temperature limit. If you are unsure of the limit for your particular wig, 260° Fahrenheit is a safe temperature. Beware of turning up the heat any higher than 270° F - 280° F because you could burn your wig.  

Synthetic wigs should only be brushed with a wide-tooth comb.

Whether your wig is straight or wavy, you need to stick with a wide-tooth comb. A paddle brush is a big no-no. A paddle brush pulls and stretches the fiber downwards. When the brush is removed, the hair springs back upwards and tangles with adjacent strands. Minimize frizz and protect your wig with a wide-tooth comb. When combing, we recommend starting at the ends and working your way up to the root to easily and carefully manage tangles.

Wash with lukewarm water to return your synthetic wig to its original style.

Heat-friendly synthetic wigs are great because they are so versatile. If you want to go curly, you can! What about straight? Yes! However, you may wish to return your wig to its original style. Once you wash it, it will return to its original style once dry.

Make sure to wash your wig regularly. 

We recommend washing your wig every eight to ten wears. However, different factors can affect how often you need to wash it. If you’re sedentary most of your day and don’t sweat, stretch out washes. If you exercise or go outside in the heat, you may need to wash more often.

Keep the conditioner away from the roots.

When washing your synthetic wigs, keep the conditioner away from the roots. While fantastic for the ends of a wig, conditioner can undo the hair's knots in a monofilament top or lace front, leading to loss of fiber or shedding.

Use a human hair extension as a secret weapon.

Are you experiencing frizzing and matting in your wig at the nape of your neck? The friction in that area makes it a nightmare for tangles. Find a human hair extension in the same shade and texture as your wig to remedy this friction. Attach the extension at the nape of your wig. This human hair weft will now act as a barrier between your wig and rough materials, like jackets and scarves.

Keep two wigs at all times

If you have fallen head over heels in love with a heat-friendly synthetic wig, buy a backup. Constant heat styling can overtax a wig. With two wigs, you can keep one always curled, and one always straightened. Now you’re ready for any look at a moment’s notice! Even with two wigs, remember tip number four: wash them regularly!

Want to learn more about using heat to style your heat-friendly synthetic wigs? Learn how to here: How To Style Heat-Friendly Synthetic Wigs

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