Heatless Hairstyles for Synthetic Wigs

Heatless Hairstyles for Synthetic Wigs

While a curling wand or flat iron has its time and place, sometimes they are not an option, especially with wigs. Human hair wigs, of course, can be heat-styled. Synthetic wigs cannot without the risk of damaging the fibers.
You may even own a heat-friendly synthetic wig and still opt not to heat-style it. Look, we all love the look of a good curl, but life is busy. Whether it’s kids or a job rushing you out the door every morning, time is valuable - and you may not want to spend any of it with a curling iron.
Don’t worry - a hairstyle doesn’t need heat tools to look amazing. Plus, you’ll love how fast styling is without additional tools! If you need some inspiration, we’ve listed our favorite looks for you!


Some looks skew towards long or short hair. However, there are some universal styles that work no matter the length.
Crown Twists
This look goes by so many names, including crown braids and milkmaid braids. The premise is that you have a braid on each side of your head joined together in the back. This look is much easier than it looks, and it only looks like you put in a ton of effort! Similar to the style below featured on Chelsea by Envy.
Chelsea by Envy
Boho Chic
If you’ve ever watched the wildly popular show Schitt’s Creek, you may have admired Alexis’s fashionable looks. One style she goes back to again and again is a cute boho hat over some loose waves. A hat like this works well with any length of hair and any texture! For an extra Alexis touch, add a string of feathers to your hat or a fun color hair extensions, like a Color Strip by Hairdo!
 Color Strip by Hairdo POP


To try a long wig for this look, you have to try Pretty by Ellen Wille. For a shorter look, try Mila by Jon Renau or your bio hair!



Half Up with Fishtail Braid

We adore this look! It involves sectioning off the top of the hair and putting it into a messy casual fishtail braid. To put this look over the top, secure the braid with a pretty scarf perfect for summer! Try this look with the Code Mono wig by Ellen Wille!

Center Part Pony

If you didn’t get the memo, the younger generation, Gen Z, has deemed the side part uncool and has crowned the center part king. Lucky for us, ponytails with center parts look elegant and gorgeous. Keep the pony low for the best look.


If your wig To finish the style off, you may want to spritz some hairspray to keep it in place and some shine serum to add that glossy look and tame flyaways.


Faux Fishtail Side Braid

You’re probably familiar with a fishtail braid, but how do you fake one? It involves twisting two ponytails into themselves. It is way easier than a true fishtail braid! The process is beautifully summed up by a blogger in the free people blog if you'd like to learn how to achieve this look. 

A loose wavy wig would be amazing with this faux braid. Allow me to direct you to a personal favorite: Glow by Ellen Wille. You can also do this style with your bio hair and a hair topper


Chignon is a complicated word for an uncomplicated style: the low bun. It’s a classic look and it evokes old-school glamour. To achieve this look, create a low ponytail and loop it in on itself. Be sure to secure it with bobby pins and hide the ends of the hair. A shine serum would work wonders here too!

Which look are you eager to try? Let us know in the comments!

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