Where Do I Place the Lace on a Lace Front Wig?

How Do Lace Front Wigs Work?

If you want the most natural-looking hairline with a wig, you’ll need a lace front wig. If you’ve just started researching wigs online, you are bound to come across the term lace front. But, what are lace front wigs, and how do they really work? Read on to find out. 

What is a Lace Front Wig? 

A lace front wig is a type of wig cap construction. A lace front indicates the sheer mesh-like material at the front of the wig. Hair fibers are individually hand-knotted into this delicate material to give the illusion that the wig hairs are growing right out of your own scalp! 

There are different lengths of the lace on lace front wigs. A good rule of thumb to finding your perfect one is determining what suits your needs most. These are examples of different lace fronts: 

  • A mini lace front is a small section of lace that is sewn into the start of the part at the hairline to help lift the hair away from your eyes.
  • A standard lace front extends from temple-to-temple creating a natural hairline across the top of the face.
  • An ear-to-ear lace front extends from ear to ear creating a natural hair line across the entire front of the face.

Lace Front Wig Cap

Where Do I Place the Lace on a Lace Front Wig?

When wearing lace front wigs, it is vital to place the lace front at your natural front hairline. New wig wearers often place their lace front too far down their forehead or even too far behind their hairline. Wearing your lace front wig like this can make your style look unnatural, which we don’t want!

Long Lace Front Wig

Style: Hudson by Estetica

If you do not have biological hair or remember where your hairline is, we recommend using the four-finger rule. This technique is a good starting point for where your lace front should sit. Measure 4 fingers up from the bridge of your nose or your brow bone to find the hairline placement area. If needed, you can move your hairline placement by small increments up or down. Hairline varies from person to person, so you’ll need to determine what feels right for you and looks best on your unique face shape and features. 

Where To Place Your Wig

How Does a Lace Front Wig Stay On?

As long as your lace front wig is the proper size, you should not have any trouble with your wig staying on! To double-check which wig cap size is right for you, measure your head for wigs here.

For extra security, you can wear a non-slip wig grip under your wig. If you wear a wig cap (which we recommend!), make sure to put your wig cap on your head first before the wig grip. Using a wig grip is ideal for all wig wearers, including chemo patients & alopecia sufferers.

Wig Band

Style: WigSECURE by Amy Gibson

How to Wear a Lace Front Wig with Adhesive

If you’re looking for next-level security, you can use wig tape or adhesive to secure your wig. Remember, you must be extra careful when using wig tape or adhesive to ensure no damage to the delicate lace material. 

Before applying your adhesive, make sure your hairline is clean. Remove any makeup and use rubbing alcohol along the skin near your hairline to ensure you remove all makeup and natural oils. Expert Tip: you can apply makeup to the lace front material after applying your wig to ensure a seamless blend!

When applying your adhesive, do not apply the adhesive randomly. With wig adhesive, make sure not to apply the adhesive to your biological hair as it can damage your hair upon removal. If you use wig tape, make sure to follow the same instructions. However, if you wear a wig cap under your wig, the benefit of using tape is that you can apply the tape to your wig cap instead of your scalp. Watch the video below for visual help on wearing a lace front wig with adhesive or wig tape.

When removing your adhesive, use a Lace Release product to loosen the adhesive. Do NOT pull off the wig without doing this step. You will damage the lace material as well as your own hair. 

Removing A Lace Front Wig

How Long Can I Leave a Lace Front Wig On?

The Experts at Wigs.com recommend removing your lace front wig after daily wear. We do not recommend sleeping in lace front wigs because you can tangle and damage the fibers by sleeping on them. Also, since most of us roll around in our sleep, you do not want to risk stretching and warping the lace material. Lastly, you do not want the lace front to cause excess friction on your scalp, so make sure to give your lace front wig a break each night! 

Softie Head Wrap

Style: The Simple Softie by Jon Renau

Wrapping Up 

Our favorite part about wearing a lace front wig is that nobody can even tell that you’re wearing a wig in the first place - what a confidence boost! 

It’s safe to say that lace front wigs are the best alternative hair invention. They are easy to put on, and anyone can wear them, including children dealing with hair loss problems. If you want to try a new trendy hairstyle without stressing your natural hair, then the lace front wig is your best shot. 

What do you like so much about a lace front wig? Please share with us in the comment section. 


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You may not need tape or adhesive depending on the fit of the wig on you and if you want more security. The tape adhesive would rely on your wig type (lace front, basic cap, etc.)

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