How Long do Hair Toppers Last?

APRIL 5, 2023

Hair Topper Longevity

Hair toppers are a widely popular solution for covering hair loss, root regrowth, or simply adding extra volume where it's needed the most. However, the longevity of hair toppers varies and is determined by a few key factors:

The Type of Fiber

Generally, human hair toppers have a longer lifespan than synthetic ones. Synthetic toppers can last from 3 to 6 months, depending on how often they are worn and the care they receive. On the other hand, human hair toppers can last up to a year. Hair/heat-friendly synthetic blend toppers fall somewhere in between. However, due to the tendency of heat-friendly fibers to frizz faster than regular synthetic fibers, these toppers may not last as long as a 100% human hair topper.

How Often It's Worn

A hair topper that's only worn for special occasions or rotated with other hairpieces will typically last longer than one that's worn daily.


The longevity of a hairpiece primarily depends on how it is cared for. Following the manufacturer's instructions and using care and styling products specifically formulated for that type of hairpiece can help maintain its optimal condition for a longer period.

If you're unsure which hair topper is right for you, schedule a virtual consult with our wig experts to discover the best hairpiece for your hair loss needs and lifestyle. Additionally, make sure to check out our guides on proper care for both human hair and synthetic toppers. Whether you need assistance finding the perfect topper or advice on how to maintain its quality, our team is here to help you achieve fabulous results.

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