How to Maintain Remy Human Hair Wigs

How to Maintain Remy Human Hair Wigs

Anyone who is familiar with wigs has stumbled upon the phrase “Remy human hair” at least once. Through context alone, even complete wig novices can figure out how desired this type of hair is.
Not all human hair wigs are created equal. Namely, Remy is considered the highest quality. It has to do with how the hair is collected. When the fibers are harvested the cuticle is kept in-tact. The cuticle is the protective layer on the hair and keeping in in-tact offers the most natural look and feel.
A Remy human hair wig can last a year of daily wear if it is properly cared for. In order to protect your pricey investment, it’s best to learn just how to “properly care” for it!
As with any wig, you’ll need a small arsenal of products to keep your wig looking its best. For Remy human hair wigs, here’s a list of essential tools:


When it comes to washing, don’t under or overwash your wig. If you wear it daily, wash it every two weeks. If it isn’t your daily piece, aim for every 7 to 10 wears.
Before washing, give your a wig a good once-over. Search for any tangles and remove them gently with your paddle brush.
As with any wig, you’ll want to cleanse and condition. Only use products specially formulated for alternative human hair. BeautiMark has a Pure Care collection that has everything you need to care for your wig, including a recovery mask.
Speaking of recovery mask, get one. Products like that condition and moisturize your hair. The Intensive Recovery Conditioner by BeautiMark repairs hair without weighing it down.
When it comes time to wear your newly washed wig, you’ll need to style it. Human hair wigs, of course, can be styled with heat tools like straightening and curling irons. When you use these tools, however, keep the temperature around 270° F - 280° F. This range protects the integrity of the strands.

If you’d like to buy your first Remy wig, or just add another to your collection, we listed our favorites for you!

Kim by Jon Renau
 Kim Wig by Jon Renau

On your first wear, you’ll never want to take off this beautifully layered wig.
Jenny definitely felt that way. “This is my fourth wig but my first Remy real hair wig and I can’t love it more! There is nothing like a wig made with real hair. I’ll never be able to buy synthetic again. It is so worth the price!

Blake by Jon Renau
 Blake Wig by Jon Renau

This wig is gorgeous, but it also is ridiculously comfortable, thanks to its hand-knotted stretch cap, adjustable strap, and velvet ear tabs.

Emotion by Ellen Wille
 Emotion by Ellen Wille

This wig is part of the Ellen Wille Pure Power collection and it’s not hard to see why. In the Emotion Remy human hair wig, you’ll feel powerful.

High Fashion by Raquel Welch
 High Fashion by Raquel Welch

High Fashion has precision cut long layers and a dramatic sweep bang - and it’s a must-have.
Take Eloise’s word for it. “After several fails at trying to find the perfect hair for me, I splurged on this piece. It is sensational! The color, length, and style are just what I was hoping to achieve!”

Our human hair wigs are some of the highest in quality and offer a natural-looking style and soft feel. Regardless of which wig type you choose, be it lace front human hair, Remy human hair, or one of our other options, there is nothing quite like the feel, weight, and movement of a high quality 100% human hair wig!

Are you a Remy fan? Share your favorite Remy human hair wig in the comments below!


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I have purchased a Remy human hair wig… me it still looks artificial.

Evelyn Scalzitti

Yes, I love Remy hair because it so beautiful and realistic and soft and pretty.

Michelle E Howze

I am a man, musician, cancer survivor, lost my hair, always had a long ponytail. I searched the web wig sites looking for a 18" human hair wig. I like the information and products and prices in If other men are searching for a long hair wig look here. A man’s head is bigger than a woman’s. I found the “average” size woman’s wig was too tight for me. I searched for a L, large size and that fits for me.

Jeffery Bailey

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