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How to Put Together a Wig Stand

Posted on September 20 2019

A wig stand, while small, is an important tool in maintaining your wig. You will want to store your wig on a stand while not wearing it. This maintains the shape of your wig cap, and you can also lightly style your wig on it too. Proper care can extend the lifetime of your wig and your investment. Considering most wig stands cost less than $10, it’s truly a must-have.


How To Assemble a Wig Stand

In general, when shopping for a wig stand, you’ll encounter either metal or plastic stands. The material is just a matter of personal preference since both types are foldable and collapsible, making them great to travel with! 

Below we’ve compiled a quick guide for putting together a wig stand. If you are more of a visual learner, be sure to watch our video at the end. 

Putting Together a Metal Wig Stand

Your metal wig stand will come in two parts. These parts will look almost identical. To assemble, you will need to determine which part is the top and which is the bottom. Look at the notches at the top of the pieces. The piece with the notch pointing downward is your Piece A. Piece B will have a notch that is facing upward.

Cross the lower sections of the stand with Piece A sliding over Piece B. Push Piece A through Piece B and secure the notches together. Metal wig stands come equipped with rubber stoppers already on the legs. If not, attach those now. 

Putting Together a Plastic Wig Stand

Plastic wig stands assemble much like metal ones. Like the metal stand, you need to determine which piece goes on top and which goes on the bottom. Your Piece 1 will have an upward notch at the bottom. Piece 2 will have no notch.

You will need to cross Piece 1 into Piece 2. Piece 2 will slide into the notch on the bottom of Piece 1. Press the pieces together. Now, slide the pieces together until they connect securely at the top in a notch. Your plastic wig stand may come with a locking mechanism to prevent movement while styling. Slide your circular lock into the corresponding notches at the top of the stand for stability.

Taking Apart A Wig Stand 

Both types of stands disassemble the same way. For both metal and plastic stands, you will push apart the notches holding it in place. Next, slide one piece out from the other. Now, the two pieces are separate and can stack together. Your stand is now ready to travel with or be stored! That's it! now, you know how to properly assemble and disassemble a wig stand! 



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