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How To Take The Frizz out of Synthetic Wigs

Posted on August 14 2019

We all love synthetic wigs. I mean, what’s not to love? They’re beautiful, affordable, colorful, and just all around a gals best friend. With all the selection of synthetic wigs out there, it’s hard to believe that more people don’t wear them. One common problem that can occur with synthetic wigs is that frizz can make an appearance after some wear.

Frizz can happen because synthetic hair is made from a fiber that isn't natural hair, so we must care for them a bit differently. And don't be discouraged if this has happened to you, it takes a little practice! So today, we’re going to talk about how you can take frizz out of synthetic hair and get back to the amazing style you had when you first opened the box.

How To Tame Frizzy Wigs

Jon Renau Wig Steamer

Our first item we would like to feature which we've found to be a lifesaver for a frizzy wig, is the Jon Renau Wig Steamer. This wig steamer is one of the best in business and is actually the only heat styling tool recommended for synthetic styling. Highly favored and gawked at by many happy frizz-free customers, it’s no wonder this piece is so popular. 

Shine Serum by BeautiMark

Another one of our favorite frizz-free products that’s also available on is the Shine Serum by BeautiMark. And the ultimate perk about this baby is that not only does it block out humidity and give you zero frizz, it also adds lustre and a natural shine without making your hair look fake or weighing it down. And honestly, who could want more than that? Check out more synthetic wig products from BeautiMark and give your wig the ultimate treatment! 

Argan Smooth Treatment and Mist by Jon Renau

And our last product that we want to feature today is the Synthetic Wig Styling Trio. This kit has everything you need for gorgeous, smooth and sleek style. Add a stunning shine to your wig with the Brilliant Shine Spray, use the Shaping Cream to get your style formed to your liking, then finish off with the Style & Hold Hairspray for a look that lasts! Beautiful, easy, and simple, the Styling Trio is a must-have fun anyone struggling with a frizzy wig!  

How do you tame your wig frizz? We want to know your secrets, so tell us in the comments section below!


  • The Wig Experts: January 03, 2020

    Hi Paula!

    Yes, we do sell a wig steamer and the products mentioned in this blog! You can find them here:

    Wig Steamer:

    Shine Serum:

    Argan Smooth Treatment:

    - The Wig Experts

  • Paula: January 03, 2020

    Do sell steamer’s and solutions?

  • The Wig Experts: August 20, 2019

    Hi Lori,

    We recommend that you use a steamer with an adjustable temperature setting and one that has a smaller nozzle that way you can control exactly where you are steaming on low heat.

    - The Wig Experts

  • Lori : August 20, 2019

    How is it steam doesn’t ruin the synthetic fiber? Could you use a steamer that you’d typically use for clothes?

  • The Wig Experts: August 19, 2019

    Hi Joan,

    The steaming method works for synthetic top pieces too! Just make sure you are pinning your piece to a block head to ensure that you have more control while steaming.

    Thanks for commenting!

    - The Wig Experts

  • Julie Sprik: August 19, 2019

    I bought a hand held steamer at Meijers for $25.00.It has a plastic cap over the end,is ready to use in a second and works beautifully.I bought several combs with teeth set from wide down to very close set and the ends look great now.You don’t have to spend almost $100.00 to get a safe, effective steamer.

  • Joan: August 19, 2019

    Need to get out frizze from my top hair piece it synthetic

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