Winter Wig Tips

How To Wear Synthetic Wigs in the Winter

Who doesn't love what the changing weather brings?! Cooler temperatures, crisp air, and the ability to layer your outfits to your heart's desire. But, with the additional layers, you will need to adapt your synthetic wig care routine. It's essential to add these few extra winter hair care steps to your routine, especially if you wear medium and long wigs.

Winter Hair Tips

  1. How To Wear Hats with Wigs
  2. Layered Outfits & Synthetic Wigs
  3. Combing Is A Must
  4. Detangling Should Be Done Every Night


How To Wear Hats With Synthetic Wigs

Wearing hats is an excellent way to stay warm and protect your alternative hair from the elements. But, just like all wig care, proper steps need to be taken to achieve the best results and protect your wig. The best practices are:

  • - Do not force your hat down on top of your wig. If the hat moves, then so will your wig. Choose a cap that is made for a larger head size than your own so that you can lightly place it on top of your wig without disrupting your style.
  • - Smooth the hair backward before applying your wig. Wearing any headwear on top of your wig can cause frizziness and tangles. But, when the hair is smoothed backward, you can avoid cold set and flattening the root’s volume. For extra security, use a barrette or hair clip to keep the hair back.
  • - Remove your wig from front to back. When removing your hat from your wig, firmly press one finger on top of the front hairline of your piece. Then, gently pull off the hat in a backward direction. The smoothed-back hair should fall back into place perfectly.

Check out the video below for visual assistance on how to wear hats with wigs.

Layered Outfits & Synthetic Wigs

When adding scarves and coats to your ensemble, you need to remember that these extra layers can cause friction and matting at the nape of your wig. This issue is especially true for long and mid-length wigs, as the friction in that area can cause severe tangles.

The best tip to avoid these tangles is to add a matching human hair extension to the bottom of your wig. Make sure that the extension matches the shade and texture of your wig for a seamless look. Attach the extension at the nape of your wig. This human hair weft will now act as a barrier between your wig and the rough materials of your jackets and scarves.

Synthetic Wig Care

You may be wondering how this trick works? Human hair is less prone to tangling than its synthetic and heat-friendly synthetic counterparts. Plus, this human hair extension can last you through multiple seasons with proper care because of its long lifespan. 

Combing Is A Must

One of the best hair tips in winter is to bring a wide tooth comb with you wherever you go. Most wide tooth combs are small enough to fit in even the tiniest bags or pockets. As mentioned above, because of the friction between the synthetic fiber and your outwear materials, your synthetic wig can become tangled often. So, you should brush your hair frequently throughout the day to protect the fibers of your piece.

Wig Comb

The fewer tangles you have to work through, the better condition the fiber will stay. In all seasons, combing your pieces throughout the day is one of the best synthetic hair wig care tips. Note: if you wear curly wigs, you do not need to comb through your piece throughout the day as it will break up your curls and make them frizzy.

Detangling Should Be Done Every Night

Even good synthetic wigs need extra care at the end of the day. When removing your wig for the night, make sure to comb through the entire synthetic hair fiber wig until there are no tangles. For tough tangles, add a little Smooth Detangler from BeautiMark. This detangler helps eliminate tangles in a breeze and with minimal product! Specially formulated to renew, repair, and prolong the life of synthetic fiber, this spray also adds a healthy luster to synthetic fiber without leaving behind an oily residue.

How To Detangle Synthetic Wigs

Another step to add to your hair care in winter is to spray your wig with a lightweight leave-in conditioner after detangling at the end of the day. BeautiMark’s Leave-in Conditioner will reawaken your synthetic fiber and lock in moisture to condition and restore your hair over time. 

Leave In Conditioner for Wigs

By following these winter hair tips above, you can ensure your synthetic wigs and heat-friendly synthetic wigs last their entire life span even through the dry, winter months! 

If you wear human hair wigs, learn more about caring for your human hair investments in our blog here


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