Jon Renau SmartLace Lite Summer 2022

Jon Renau SmartLace Lite Summer 2022

The greatly anticipated 2022 SmartLace™ Lite Collection from Jon Renau is back again, this time with 3 more best-selling, light hair-density styles: Miranda Lite, Carrie Lite, and Cameron Lite

Key features of the SmartLace™ Lite Collection include:

  • Ear-to-ear lace front
  • Ultra-lightweight cap design
  • Non-slip silicone nape for a snug, yet comfortable fit
  • Polyurethane ear tabs for ultimate flexibility and ability to use adhesive if desired

Carrie Lite Petite

Jon Renau's top-selling mid-length bob just got even more luxurious! Now featuring a SmartLace™ Lite Petite cap with a non-slip nape to ensure a snug but comfortable fit, Carrie Lite Petite is sure to be your new favorite! Multi-directional parting is made possible with Carrie's hand-tied monofilament top, while a beautiful seamless ear-to-ear lace front provides the look of natural hair growth. Made of soft, light density Remy human hair, Carrie Lite Petite is truly light as air! 

Cameron Lite Petite

Cameron Lite was one of Jon Renau's most popular SmartLace™ Lite bobs, and is now available in a petite-sized cap. This timeless style features a monofilament top and 100% hand tied cap to provide the look of natural hair growth. 

Miranda Lite 

Miranda is a classic style loved by many. And now this favorite is available in SmartLace™ Lite. The SmartLace™ front gives you the most natural-looking hairline while the monofilament part provides a natural-looking part. Miranda is the perfect blend of elegance and beauty.

Move with confidence with Jon Renau's latest additions to the SmartLace Lite Collection!

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