Keeping It Cool: Wigs for Warm Weather

Keeping It Cool: Wigs for Warm Weather

The calendar tells us warm weather is around the corner. While some of us are still plagued with snow and bitter cold, pleasant temperatures seem impossibly far away. But, ladies, the stores have started putting out the swimsuits and beach towels, so it’s time to switch our mental gears!

Along with switching gears, it may be time to switch hairpieces. When the temperature does start to climb, some wig-wearers prefer to transition to summer-friendly pieces. Certain wigs are just more comfortable in the heat. Read this guide to pick the best summer wig for you.


New Wave by Tress Allure

Go Short

Even if you love long hairstyles, to stay cool in the summer, you need to choose shorter hairstyles. Cropped pixies and short bob wigs are the best options. If you need more length, then at least keep it above the shoulders. Keeping hair off your neck is the key to keeping the sweat at bay. New Wave by Tress Allure (featured above) is the perfect wig that will keep you cool and comfortable all day long. 


Go Synthetic

Synthetic fans, you are all set! Synthetic wigs are lightweight compared to human hair wigs, meaning they are the better summer choice.

Human hair is denser and heavier than synthetic. Human hair has its benefits, like a natural look and styling versatility, but it won’t help you in a heatwave.


Go Basic

Basic isn’t  bad! With wigs, a basic wig cap, or a capless wig, provides more ventilation than other cap options. It’s all in the construction. These caps are created by sewing wefts, or sections of hair, into thin elastic material. Wefted wigs are just more breathable.

Try a Wig Band or Liner

A wig band is a bit like a headband worn under a wig. It’s a product designed to help secure a wig to the wearer’s head, but it also makes the wig more comfortable to wear.

There are also liners created to wick up sweat under wigs. It is disguised under your wig as it keeps your head (and wig) dry.


Try Accessories

Wigs aren’t the only tools in your arsenal. There are other accessories that can help you keep cool while maintaining your preferred look. Accessories like headbands and clips are great for keeping the hair out of your face. If you still go with long tresses, pull it into a low ponytail.

If it’s just too hot for an entire wig, you can opt for something else. Hair additions can be worn under hats to add volume to thinning biological hair.

For wigs that meet the above criteria, check out our list of warm weather picks below.


Voltage by Raquel Welch

Voltage by Raquel Welch

This short and bold textured wig happens to be one of Raquel Welch’s favorites.  This synthetic wig’s cap has open sides and back for maximum ventilation which will keep you cool.


Sky by Noriko

 Sky by Noriko

This short bob with feathered layers and a thinned bang flatters every face, but, more importantly, it will help you keep the sweat to a minimum. The synthetic wig’s cap has open wefting that keeps this wig breathable and lightweight.


Ignite by Jon Renau

Ignite by Jon Renau

This wig is heat-defiant, meaning it’s made with synthetic fibers you can use heat-tools on. It can also help you be heat-defiant this summer, thanks to its capless design. 


Tab by Ellen Wille

Tab by Ellen Wille

Remember, to keep it cool, keep it short! This cropped style has short layers that give you styling versatility, but check out that cap - it is constructed with open wefting to allow for ventilation.


How do battle the heat while wearing a wig? Be sure to share your tips in the comments!


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Thanks so much for this article, it was very helpful to me. I wear wigs, due to thinning, but I have a very hard time keeping them in place especially at the neck line. I have tried everything an nothing seems to work. Any other suggestions.
Thank you

Phyllis Kirkland

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