Knots & Arrows For a Cure!

Knots & Arrows For a Cure!

We want you to meet Becca!  Becca is a true warrior with a heart for others. She had to fight cancer at eight years old… and won!

Most people (especially kids) would shake off this ugly experience and move on with their life and leave the 'C word' behind.  Not Becca and her family! She found a passion to help other children fighting cancer. Even though her fight was over… She rolled up her sleeves and decided to fight for others! 


Meet Becca!


Becca and her father, who is also a cancer survivor, started a company to raise money for research and development to fight children's cancer. Bracelets are her weapon! She helps design beautiful bracelets made from bathing suit material to remind herself and others to "just keep swimming"! (Yes…Just like in Nemo)


Becca and her Father


Becca decided to call her company Knots & Arrows. A name inspired by the fighter spirit in her. Knots, because when life has you at the end of your rope… Just tie a knot and hold on.  Arrows, because when life seems to be dragging you backwards… Prepare for being launched forward into something new.  We love this attitude and Becca's spirit!




Becca has chosen to support Tackle Kids Cancer, an organization also backed by Eli Manning, and we are supporting her! donated 10% of our sales on November 14th to Tackle Kids Cancer on behalf of Becca and Knots & Arrows!

Your support was appreciated and all sales for the day will receive a beautiful Knots & Arrows bracelet, which Becca designed herself specifically for our clients. They are beautiful! Your purchase will make a difference to someone who has made their mission to make a difference too!


Knots & Arrows Bracelets is so proud of that Becca and her family have chosen to partner with us. We are so thankful for you taking the time to read this and perhaps helping us in our fight with Becca.

To learn more about Tackle Kids Cancer, please visit: 


What is your favorite cause or charity that you donate to? Let us know in the comments below!
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