Large Wigs for a Comfortable Fit

Large Wigs for a Comfortable Fit

We all have different sized heads! That may seem like a weird opening statement, but it is true and, when it comes to wigs, important.
While we all accept that human bodies come in different shapes and sizes, but we don’t normally give the same allowances to our craniums.
Here are the stone-cold facts: some people have smaller heads and some people have larger heads. In between, there are people with the determined average-sized head.
Maybe you are a member of the group with larger heads. There is nothing wrong with that - it’s okay! Our head size isn’t a metric we can control, after all.
To accommodate all the head sizes out there, wigs come in three sizes: petite, average, and large. The majority of wigs default to the average size, so if a wig doesn’t specify, it’s probably safe to assume it is average.
If you currently wear an average-sized wig and it feels tight, or you experience frequent headaches, you may need to size up.
If you’ve never measured your head for your wig size, now is the time. Everyone should measure before purchasing a new wig and should even recheck regularly. To learn how to measure for wig size, check out our guide.
If you do need a large wig, you’re in luck. At, we have some beautiful options. Below, we’ve listed our client’s favorites!

1.  Sky Large by Noriko

Sky is a gorgeous face-framing bob. It has lightweight layers and wispy bangs. It’s an effortless style - this is the wig you want for that “I woke up like this” look!
Belinda, a Sky-wearer, declares that “Sky is always a winner!” She adds that she owns over 20 wigs and four of those are Sky wigs.


2.  Zara Large by Jon Renau

If you prefer long wigs, go with Zara. This natural-looking style has long layers and a SmartLace sheer lace front.
Customer Tiffany adores her Zara and how realistic it looks. “You feel confident knowing people believe it is your true hair.”


3.  Stepping Out Large by Gabor

In this Gabor wig, you’ll be ready to step out and hit the town. This blunt cut looks polished and features a bold bang.
Stepping Out has its fans, including Laura H. I have a terrible time finding larger size wigs that are of high quality and look natural,” she writes. “This one checks all the boxes.”


4.  Voltage Large by Raquel Welch

This wig is a personal favorite of Raquel Welch and it is not hard to see why. This timeless look has feathered layers that can be worn smoothed down or mussed up for a touch of fun.
Darlene H. is certainly glad she came across the Voltage. “Super cute. Realistic looking, easy to care for, comfortable as all get out!” She only has one problem: trying to decide what other colors to order it in!
If you wear large-sized wigs, what’s your favorite style? Share your experiences in the comments or in our forum!


Hi Linda,

Our options for large size wigs can be viewed by clicking on the link below:


We hope this was helpful!

The Wig Experts

Hi Allene,
Our options for large size wigs can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

Long wigs with a large size cap: <>
Mid-length wigs with a large size cap: <>

The Wig Experts

Can you send me a list of large size wigs shoulder and long.


please send me a list of large sz wigs. thank you. Linda Keane

Linda Joy Keane

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