Losing Hair | My Hair Loss Story

Losing Hair | My Hair Loss Story

I went through quite a few emotions during my hair loss journey. I didn’t feel “emotionally prepared” to wear a wig when I started wearing them (truthfully I just wasn’t emotionally prepared to lose 90% of my hair!). Brunette wigs were a great stepping stone for me into the world of wigs. They helped me cope with my frustration and emotional pain of losing my hair, but also made me feel so lovely when I put them on. It didn’t take me too long to start wondering what I would look like as a blonde. I mean, what harm could I do by purchasing a blonde wig? All I would have to do is take it off if I didn’t like it. It was a very low-risk decision if you think about it.


Brunette Wig Hair Style with Loose Waves

Brown hair. It is what I was born with….. and I could totally rock it. Being brunette was never a problem for me and I have embraced it almost my whole life without longing for drastic color changes. Prior to all my hair falling out due to alopecia areata, my long brown locks were always styled, cared for, and looked fabulous. I always took the time to make sure my hair looked great. Naturally, when I started to wear wigs due to hair loss, I was drawn to brunette wigs to make the transition as easy as possible and to look as “normal” as possible. That worked fine for some time, but one day (5 brunette wigs later) I realized that wigs can do SO much more than make you look “normal”

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The day I decided to hit that “confirm purchase” button on my first blonde wig was beyond liberating. Holy Cow! Now I can consider any color and any style wig right? Change them as often as I change my outfit? Or my mind? Yes, please!

When Ellen Wille’s Arrow in Sand Multi Rooted arrived on my doorstep it ended up on my head within a couple minutes (YAY! Hair mail is the BEST kind of mail!). I immediately had to run an errand with my new hair. This is honestly my technique to get used to a new wig. Immediately putting myself out there with my new hair gets me comfortable quite a bit faster than waiting around and wearing it at home for a couple weeks.

So there was Arrow, and then came Estetica’s Aspen in RH12/26RT4, Jon Renau’s Scarlett in Shaded Mocha, and Ellen Wille’s Spirit II in Champagne Rooted. I have SEVERAL more blonde wigs on my wig(sh) list!  All of these colors are SO far from my normal, reliable brunette colors. I am LOVING it!

Wigs can do so much more than help you feel normal if you are experience hair loss. They can make you feel fabulous!  Wigs offer a great opportunity to change your hair as often as you change your clothes or your attitude. You don’t have to stick to one style and color just to feel good about yourself. Go on and branch out! Try that different cut or color. What holds you back?


Being blonde really is more fun | Arrow Wig by Ellen Wille

Being blonde really IS more fun... (wearing Arrow by Ellen Wille)

What colors and styles might I try next? Now that I have started changing my hair style almost every single day, I am willing to try anything!


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