Making the Braid: how a little messy can make you look neat!

Making the Braid: how a little messy can make you look neat!

Upgrade your wig to add a more natural look with braids. In fact, a well-placed braid can add a touch of feminine charm to any hairdo…bio hair or otherwise! Braids have been a hair do basic for centuries. They have adorned women and girls hair for ages. A sleek, tight braid, usually found on schoolyards across the globe, doesn’t necessarily convey the trendy fashion statement you should go for if you no longer wear knee socks!


Boho Braid 

How To Braid A Wig 

Wigs are great as they afford us a perfect hairstyle every time.. especially if the wig is synthetic.  Synthetic wigs never lose their style because the curl pattern is set in to the synthetic fiber.  This ensures your hair style stays the same in any weather.  But what if you want to give it a twist?  What if your human hair wig is begging for a change?  Braids… Messy braids give a fun and super stylish look to any hair do!  You wig will look more natural with the addition of a braid… crazy.. but true!


Purple Bob Wig by Hairdo Wigs


So let’s get started.  We want to show you some simple ways to add a chic new look to your wig or hair of any kind. Here are a couple of tips to get the best results when braiding in to a wig:


  • Since the braid will expose some of the scalp on your wig, please make sure you are starting with a lace or monofilament wig. This will expose only a natural part, scalp, or front hair line.
  • The more perfect you try to make your braid look…the less fun and fashionable it will look! As a matter of fact, nothing should be too precise, including your part.  A little messy (not sloppy) looks carefree and attractive!
  • Use product to get just the right look. It gives your hair texture and volume. Our favorite tip is to spray dry shampoo in to the crown or root area and to the area you will be braiding to add a bit of texture and enhance the hold of the braid.


Once you have figured out where you want your braid, take your dry hair and braid down leaving at least an inch at the bottom.  Make sure your braiding pieces are not too skinny… you want a fatter look. Before reaching the end of your braid (perhaps 2/3 down) tug gently on the edges of the braid to fatten them up a bit.  This gives the fat messy look to the braid that says “yes.. I am beautifully feminine and on trend without even trying”!!! Use a small (preferably) invisible elastic to tie off with.  


Gorgeous French Braid | Sarah by Jon Reanu


There are so many ways you can incorporate a braid in to the hair… across the side of the head, a wide side swept braid, a ponytail braid, or even just small waterfall braids will make your look impossible to ignore.  The messy braid is everywhere and we just love all of them.  I am convinced braids make a wig look like my bio hair because it is so unexpected to be seen in a wig.  Every style is better with a braid. Try it!

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