Meet Kim Hammon - YouTube Wig Blogger

Meet Kim Hammon - YouTube Wig Blogger

We are so happy to introduce you to Kim Hammon. Talk about a wig warrior!  The only thing Kim loves more than wigs is helping other women own their confidence in wearing wigs.  An up and coming YouTube Star, Kim is resonating with women everywhere because she is raw and real!  She pulls no punches and gives us the straight scoop on wigs, style tips, and her opinions in a very honest and sweet southern drawl!



Kim has the same passion we do; to help every woman feel confident about their style.  It doesn’t matter if you wear wigs, hair toppers, hair extensions, or are blessed with great hair naturally...if you don’t own your look and feel confident in it, you are missing out.

Kim turned to YouTube when she began to conquer her frustration and fears about her hairloss.  She decided to choose happy and she tackled it with a desire to help any one else out there who may feel the same.  The result?  A channel full of cute videos that will make you smile and make you thankful for the gift of hair!  We sure do love her, and we know that you will too!



It's Your Wig, Own It!

Hi, my friends. In this blog, I will be talking to you about building confidence and owning your wigs.  

As with so many new things we encounter in life, wearing wigs has a bit of a learning curve.  In the beginning, I ordered cheaper wigs because I really didn’t understand, that when it comes to wigs you truly get what you pay for.  It took time to learn about mono-tops, lace-fronts, mono parts, wefts and so forth. Anyway, I jumped in and placed an order.  After my first girl arrived, I strutted around the house for awhile before braving my first trip into public.  It goes without saying, I was very self conscious and almost gave up before I started. But gladly, I hung in there, and today I feel naked without my luscious do. I began to learn that no matter what, it’s my hair and I’m going to own it. Then came time to really step outside the box and try new colors and styles. About two years ago I ordered my very first blonde wig. Being a brunette, I was so excited to try something different.  



I can still remember the excitement of receiving and opening up my hair mail. I ripped the box open as if I were a child opening gifts on Christmas morning. I pulled out this beautiful long blonde wig.  With it being late morning, I didn’t have any makeup on. As a matter of fact, I still had on my PJ’s. I ran to my bathroom, stood in front of the mirror, and bam! Put that girl on my head. 

At first, I was like, “Um No!” I didn’t even recognize myself. Nevertheless, I was in love with the style and cut of this beautiful hair.  I looked so pale and washed out so to speak. I went into the living room where my family was watching TV. I heard several gasps, and my daughter said, “Oh no mom that looks bad.” My husband even chuckled a little. I quickly left the room with my feelings hurt a little, not understanding that this was a shock for my family. They had never seen me as blonde or even with that much hair. 


Long Brown Wavy Wig by Estetica


I put her back in the box but decided to keep her, because I so loved this wig. After a few passing days, I put on my makeup, my favorite outfit, and I pulled this blonde beauty back out of her box. And oh my goodness, I was so happy  I did.  I stood a little taller, my face lite up, and I felt beautiful. I once again walked into the room where my family was and my husband said, “Wow! I like that one. You look beautiful.” I said honey, “it’s the same wig.” He was shocked. Some makeup and a change of clothes made a big difference on how this wig looked on me, and also the way it made me feel. 

This wig has been an all-time favorite of mine. I now have her in a beautiful auburn color. I've reordered her many times and will continue to have this one in my collection. Her name is Mackenzie and she is by Estetica.


Layered Brown Lace Front Wig by Estetica


My friends, wigs give us so many opportunities to have the hair of our dreams. I've learned not to give up on a wig that I love, and also to put on a little makeup and get dressed. I've also learned that other people, and maybe even family, may not be crazy about the wig that I'm wearing. But it doesn't bother me anymore, because if that wig makes me feel good and I do a happy dance, then this is all that truly matters.  It’s my hair and I’m going to own it... After all I did buy the hair for me. 

It took time for me to build up the confidence I needed to wear different colors and styles. But now, wigs are so much fun for me. Not only have they given me back my confidence, but also my smile. Don't give up on something that makes you happy. Wear it and own it! Maybe not everyone will love it. To be honest, some may love it, but out of jealousy and just plain meanness, say negative and unkind things to you.  Yep, this has happened to me.  More than once. Once again, I say hold your head high, do a little hair flip, be you, be happy, and most of all, own it! It's your hair.  


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